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February 26, 2005

drop it like it's pop

i drank my last can of pepsi tonight. straight, no tang or fruit punch. i have decided that it is a good time to try and quit drinking pop. i am dropping it cold turkey, not like it's hot. whatever that means. i seriously don't know.

i may suffer from any of the following syptoms:
drowziness, short temperment, nervousness, headache, upset stomach, drymouth, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light.

it may take some time for my blood stream to flush all signs of caffeine usage out of my system, then my body will have to readjust to running off an alternative fuel. so if i seem odder than usual in the next week you know why. we will see how long this "quitting" lasts.

February 24, 2005

key terms: expecteded party differential, qualified opinions, cognitive dissonance, tang?

needless to say i dont understand any of the terms in the title either. except for tang of course. hopefully i will know them all by morning when i have my midterm. but myself being ever vigilant in finding any distractions from studying, have put the first three terms on hold, and focused on tang. as well as some other common household beverages.

now i am a fan of pepsi twist, and wild cherry pepsi, pretty much any variety of pepsi with some weird artificial flavoring. i should have keyed in to that artificial flavoring bit, but i figured it only logical that if i add some fruit punch to regular pepsi that i will have something tasty to quench my thirst. unfortunatly juicy juice is 100% juice for 100% kids, so with no domination of artificial flavors it left the concoction wanting.

so tom decided it would be good to keep adding. so out comes the tang! add a little tang and we get this:

hmm, odd color, yes. gross looking perhaps. look! it even matches the color of the airplane on my underoath hoodie (that i always seem to be wearing).

but how does it taste?

ewww! no good. i should start studying for my midterm, especially since i already failed at mixing a tasty beverage.

February 22, 2005

a lil pick up game of soccer.

due to a malfunction in the basketball hoop raiser thingy yesterday, the inter mural soccer games were cancelled for today. makes a lot of sense i know. basically a way for the refs to have a night off, since the raiser thinger definatly worked today. the best part about it was that they did not tell any of the teams. so we decided to still play against the other team. good thing it didnt count, because we got...i mean, since it didnt count we decided to take it easy so none of our all stars go on the injured list. so we let them score like 5 goals, and then of course we had to get our token 1 goal. at least i know i was never trying to hard in this game, because i was never out of breath. or maybe my body is remembering how to run again.

February 21, 2005

relax, don't do it. when you want to go to it.

wow, a serious post. these do not happen very often, so savor it!

you may have heard the rumors about my intent to run for msa president, but i have decided not to run. yes, it is true. the thought of this has been in my mind ever since seeing the campaigning for it my freshman year. but now that i have reached a position where this is possible, i realize that i would be doing it for all of the wrong reasons. every year i have just been trying to outdo what i did the previous year of college. which has left little time to relax. now i am not saying that i will be doing nothing next year. it is just that i would like to do more than solely msa. i will still be active in msa (provided i get an at-large spot). but i would also like to become more involved in helping out the church i attend because i really think hope church has a good thing going. and i need to find some advertising internships so i can be more prepared to get a job since i graduate next year. it was also starting to become too much of an ego thing. i do not like disappointing people, and there were already a lot of people who wanted me to run, so it was difficult for me to decide not to run, because i hate having to disappoint these people. my heart was not into becoming president, and i did not want to have to force anything.

we now return you to my regular goofball shennanigans already in progress.

February 18, 2005

burning in the bathroom

sometimes when people go in the bathroom, they leave it smelling unfresh. this is why our bathroom always has candles. we light them whenever the need arises or drops by. sometimes we let the candle(s) burn while unattended to overwhelm the bathroom with beautiful aromas.

candles dont always behave though. one time when blowing out the flame with too much force, blue wax flew out all over the toilet. this took some torching to remedy. but nothing compares to the situation we have now. the candle was vanilla with 3 wicks. those 3 wicks turned into infinitie wicks, and one day while the vanilla candle was burning out by itself, the bazillion wicks melted the wax and it broke through the walls of the candle. it began to flood the paper plate on which the candle stood, and began dripping onto the toilet and then the floor. this waterfall kept running until there was probably enough wax on the floor to make three 64 pack boxes of crayons.

these boxes of crayons would be rather monochrome though. a vanilla candle is yellow, now that it has melted onto the floor it does not make the bathroom look very clean. i would take a picture, but i assume you could figure out what it looks like.

burn baby, burn.

February 15, 2005


the HOCs new record is 0-1-1 after a 1-1 tie tonight! once again we scored the first goal, but they tied it up late in the 2nd half. and hey i am not out of breath here sitting at home this time. this means i am getting in semi shape again. but hey i need to shower now.
but every tuesday night you can count on HOCs news right here. the only place with updates on your favorite indoor soccer team!

February 14, 2005

to: you! from: me!

if you did not get a valentine today, you can print this sweet painting off and put it up on your wall or something. even if you did get a valentine today, you can still print it off!


February 13, 2005

a feather sends the tower crashing, but you're still standing.

lately, i have been giving myself more and more to do, by adding more activities and responsibilities for myself. i feel like one of those cartoon characters who is catching all this heavy stuff like pianos, bank safes, navy ships and whatnot. and then balancing this godzilla sized tower of heavy objects, an almost impossible feat. then just as it seems they have everything under control, a feather {or any other extremely light item} floats slowly down on top the tower. suddenly, our cartoon friend can no longer hold all this weight and everything comes crashing down on top of him.

but the wonderful thing is, that even after failing to hold it all up, the cartoon character arises from beneath the pile, and life goes on. perhaps with a few extra birds or stars floating around the head. but the wacky adventures continue.

and right now, my heart is in a good place, strongly established in my faith. i know that even if a feather floats down to try and spoil the fun, i will probably be able to bear its weight. and even if i don't, i know that life is still wonderful.

February 9, 2005

The HOCs (Pronunciation: Hawks)

last night was the season opener for the HOCs. this is my indoor soccer inter mural team that i am on with the group Hope On Campus. we started out strong by scoring first, but i am afraid we did not have the stamina (especially myself) to run around for the entire game and so we lost 4-1. i got a nice soccer ball blasted at my face forcing me to leave the game for a short while as the blood on my lip dried. now i have a sweet cut on my lip, and it looks way hott. i also got some wonderful scrapes on my knees as a result from hitting the cement like ground. really the field is like bumpy cement and the little bumps provide minimal cushion. the game started at 11.15 so i did not get home until around 12.30 then i showered and ate dinner (yes in the am) and went to bed, still catching my breath. i was able to pretty much take a long nap since i had to work at my new job at 8.30am this morning. but it is cool because this job is at my apt so i do not have to walk far, and all the people that work there are really fun so the day flys by. plus it means i dont have any rent to pay for! but anyways i should prolly start running more often to get in shape for soccer again, since i have not really ran much at all since fall '03, when i played outdoor inter mural soccer. and i think i am typing this as i am still tired because i am realizing that there is no humor in my writing right now, this is all one long improper paragraph, so it must be a tough read. speaking of reading, i should probably read for my night class right now. fakes left, shoots...


February 6, 2005

sometimes i don't like to go to sleep at night becuase i think about how i will be in the morning.

February 2, 2005


"Twenty-four oceans
With twenty-four hearts
All of my symphonies
With twenty-four parts
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty-four hours ago
Still I'm singing 'Spirit,
take me up in arms with You'
I'm not copping out
Not copping out."


this was the song that tom and i buried sundown to midnight to. he stopped his tricks. i grabbed a red plastic cup, scooped him out, and took him outside. he was buried in the snow and given a rock as a tombstone. king tobias is a lonely fish now.

tricks are for sundown to midnight!

so i feel as though i spoke too soon in regards to the health of our beloved fish, sundown to midnight. right now he is kind of floating on his side, and every once in a while he decides to start swimming so he is not actually dead. i like to just think that he has great skills and he is performing tricks such as the following:

-playing dead
-swimming in 360s like a fighter jet
-sitting on the fake plant
-swimming in reverse
-swimming on his side

i have seen him perform all of these great tricks, but i dont think that i will be seeing him for much longer. and yes i realize that sundown to midnight has been the focus of my last 3 entries but he is just soo newsworthy. i think he only has a few hours left. :(