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April 28, 2005

and then i found $5

where have i been for so long, and what have i been doing? these are questions that i am not even sure of. unstable sleep patterns have left me in a haze. i do know that i have not typed 'round here for a while. because microsoft word was stealing all of the keystrokes i laid out and wasted them on 12 pages worth of papers this past week. so for this i sincerely apologize to all the heart with a twist of lemon reading faithful.

in this not the best week ever, emperor kuzco decided to leave his kingdom. king tobias the II is now the sole member of our fish tank kingdom. kuzco was dealt a royal flush as 24 by switchfoot was playing in the background.

but cheer up kids. the conclusion of this semester of school is in sight. life is still glorious. and yesterday i went to the library to read for a paper i had to write that night, and instead of getting a ride from josephine, i decided that i should walk home. this was partially a procrastination tool, partially because i wanted to jam out to music on a contemplative walk in the midnight darkness. and then i found $5. no really though, it was just laying on the ground, so i picked it up and doubled the funds in my wallet.

April 22, 2005

(blood) thirsty thursdays!

why i have not written about this before escapes me. but every thursday night, i make sure that i am as dorky as possible. like many college students on a thursday night, i stay out late. after all it is thirsty thursdays. but alas, i spend my thursdays doing something much cooler, and much more worthy of this treasured college occasion.

brace yourself now for the 3 points of dorkiness.

1) i play halo practically every thursday night for a good 4 hours at least.
2) further, i am playing halo with student government kids.
3) we play against other lame-os online.

i would say those three points make a triple kill! GAME OVER.

April 20, 2005

the fat lady has sung

it ended not with a bang, but a whimper. as the HOCs were marked with their first shutout loss. a 5-0 loss ended our season with a 3-5-1 record, just short of making the playoffs. the performance in our final showing was not helped by our lack of girls. we were forced to play one person short, and so the other team had their way with us through the art of passing. it was a successful season i thought, and we definatly showed improvement.

(it's over)

April 16, 2005

a fat and lazy emperor

the only time our fish emperor kuzco shows any life is when he sees a hand at the top of the tank which his tiny mind links with feeding. otherwise he just floats idly at the top of the tank as if he were dead. i would like to say i taught him to play dead, but he just does it instinctively. i would hope that this is how his species of goldfish survives out in the wild and that it is not a sign of approaching death. because our former fish sundown to midnight showed very similar signs preceding his death. so this ailment shall appropriatly be called sundown syndrome. if anyone knows what is happening to our fish, and/or how to rememdy it, let me know. but right now i am hoping that emperor kuzco is just being fat and lazy. because if emperor kuzco dies off, king tobias the II is sure to be next as he will die of loneliness, just as his predecessor did upon the death of sundown to midnight.

April 13, 2005

this is HOC drama

obviously the HOCs lost tonight because we like to create drama. nothing like leaving it up to the final game of the season (next week) to decide if we are in the playoffs or not. with a 5-2 loss tonight we drop down to a record of 3-4-1. this means if we win we are in, if we lose, then the glorious season of the HOCs is at its end.

but i am predicting a win. because HOCs are birds of prey. and lets look at how birds of prey hunt. they take a large dive downwards, like we did tonight. but then they snatch their prey and soar back high into the sky. so since we dived today, that means we are snatching our prey and on our way up next week!

April 11, 2005

understanding {in a car crash} from the passenger's seat

it seemed like a typical drive home from the grocery store. roommate tom and i make these grocery runs on a regular occasion. today however, there were two distinct differences: 1) it was raining 2) we hit a jetta.

now i have been through my shares of accidents since being awarded my license to drive, but never have i been in the passenger seat. i now know that i have very little control over this sort of occurence whether i be in the passenger seat or the drivers seat. with the exception of a few headaches, all seems to be well, so let's move on to what i did this past weekend.

i journeyed up to big sandy bible camp in a car with my friend ellen. it was a weekend retreat for hope community church. it was a quite wonderful experience. nothing brings you closer to God than watching all of your church's pastors wrestle in huge sumo suits. i enjoyed the times of worship as i really felt the love of Jesus.

the speaker we had talked about how God has everything under control. he talked about how it is impossible for us to control everything, and most often it is best to just pray to God, and trust in his ways.

which kind of brings me back to today. i realize that i should try harder to let Jesus drive my heart, and i always struggle with this. because even when i try to drive my heart and i think i have control, i don't because i will stumble and fall. just as when i am driving a car and am under the misconception of being in complete control, i still get into accidents (almost averaging one a year since having my license). or even when i am in the passenger seat and something else is driving my heart, be it money, girls, popularity etc, it still ends with the same result-->stumbling and the fall. but it is amazing how God is always there for me, even when i am not always there for him.

it is well, it is well, with my soul.

April 7, 2005

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can.

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April 6, 2005

war HOC-ish

after hope on campus and before tonight's soccer game, this conversation occured:
pastor cor: (sarcastically) dave, how many goals have you scored this season?
me: uh, i feel my stride about to hit.
chris: hey yeah i need to still get a goal this season as well.
me: we should really get on it, i am feeling it tonight.

so that was the setup for tonights game. tonight we had NO subs, and our MVP rachael was gone. she usually scores all of our goals. so our team really had to step it up. and the HOCs were ready for battle, like the boxing duo from bus 16. obviously chris and i had to make due on our conversation and it was so.

i blasted in the first goal, no chance of them stopping it. 1-0 us. later i had another chance to take a shot but it would have been with my left foot, so i passed it to Chris who scored and gave me the assist. 2-0 us. they got a goal somewhere in there. 2-1 us. then i had yet another chance to take a shot with my left foot and the other team was just dancing around the ball deciding who should kick it away, so i took it and scored again, yeah left footed. 3-1 us. and halftime.

our team really needed this, having no subs. chris knocked in another goal to give us a safe 4-1 lead, and that is how the game ended.

lets take a look at the approximate shooting percentage (shots made/shots taken):
us: 4/7 or 57%
them: 1/35 or 3%

so obviously they dominated the ball and we just took great shots. our goalie joe played amazingly to the end. even with a secure 4-1 lead and only 2 seconds left he made one last save and dislocated his finger. hopefully he will make a full recovery for next week. because the HOCs are now 3-3-1 and set to make the playoffs if they can maintain their .500 record with the 2 remaining games.

chris and i decided we need to talk more about scoring before games.

April 3, 2005

don't drink and drive, it's stupid! although riding the bus drunk isn't always brilliant either.

once again we find our young hero, riding on bus route 16 downtown bound. in the past he has encountered plenty of interesting people. like the weakest link guy. this was a guy who would play out an episode of the weakest link, using at least 5 different voices. he would ask questions in one voice, and give the answers in another voice. every so often he would say "bank!" because he had to save all that money his multiple personalities had saved up.

but no, on this saturday evening our hero walked onto a bus with 3 young college girls and an intoxicated african american up near the front of the bus and a tough african american lady seated in the middle of the bus. i took my seat between these two groups.

now this intoxicated fellow felt it right to keep blabbering derogatory remarks towards all of the females on the bus, until eventually the tough lady in the back spoke up: "you know, you need to just shut up because no one is paying you any attention."

this intoxicated charachter dropped his jaw in aww. "i don't know how you was raised," he said, "but you are a hard woman, and i need me a nice soft woman."

they continued trading remarks, until eventually a bearded man with tight black jeans and a winter parka stepped onto the bus. this is where things got interesting. the only intoxicated member on the bus (at least to my knowledge), kept talking and going off as if he were king of the bus and could do as he pleased, giving large speeches, although not always coherent.

the bearded man spoke up: "you know, you need to do yourself and everyone on this bus a favor and just shush it for a while."

once again awestruck that someone would question his druken intelligence he shot back: "are you f@*kin talking to me?!? who the F@*k do you think you are?"

the bearded man replied, "well i know i am not a potty mouth." this bickering continued until eventually the bearded man suggested "we need to both get off at the next stop and settle this." so the bearded man pulled to cord to signal "stop requested."

and at the next stop, both of these outspoken men got off the bus, despite the protest of the busdriver who was trying to keep the peace. the bus stayed put at this stop while both these men got ready for battle. it was quite apparent that the intoxicated man was a good foot taller than the bearded man, so his reach had to be farther. he began his drunken boxing, much to the amusement of the bearded man. he laughed as he would knock his punches to the side, resulting in baseball what we would call a strike. the bearded man took one swing, only his strike was like that in bowling and it resulted with the intoxicated man on the ground.

the bearded man came back onto the bus, and was received warmly by the riders. including the tough lady: "man, good job man. he deserved that. he was talking smack the whole ride." the bus continued the route, and everyone returned to their lives.

and if our weakest link rider was on the 16 on this occasion like he had been before, he would have obviously said, "you are the weakest link. goodbye!"