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May 25, 2005

"don't you just love the sun, doesn't it make you feel good all over?"

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May 21, 2005

whoa! slow down, you're going too fast.

i can't keep up with things. school has been out for a week now, maybe two. i can't really remember right now. another thing i did not remember was that may 1st was this places birthday. and let me tell did a heart with a twist of lemon ever let me hear it. it was the dog house for me as the heart was twisting some extra lemon for my poor memory. she said next time if i forget, it is over. don't tell her, but i think she will forgive me again if i forget next year. but it is rough when the birthday/anniversary is on the same day. crazy blog.

anyways, on to life in general. my roommate tom and i went to see star wars episode III at the midnight showing, because we are big dorks like that. unfortunatly we forgot our costumes at home, so we had trouble fitting in. we pretended that we were gonna pick up some chicks by asking them to go to star wars. i used my best nerd voice and created quite the nerdy sounding pick up line involving the word "lightsaber." you can figure out the rest. but needless to say, the evidence points to extreme dork as we have:
1) gone to the midnight showing of star wars
2) pretended to pick up chicks
3) umm, do i even need a 3 after the first two points? i dont think so.

the movie was crazy awesome good. i wont give any spoilers. but there was plenty of action, emotion and story. and this year is not letting up with batman beginnings (even on the iMax), war of the worlds, fantastic four, willy wonka, and the lion the witch and the wardrobe all still coming out. and i think i am missing some other movies still that are going to be sweet.

coming soon to a theatre near you.

May 17, 2005

and then $7 found me (breathless)

i have on the rare occasion advertised things on this little site, and here comes yet another. but since i do it for free i guess it is more of an endorsement.

i consider myself to be relatively well versed in beautiful musical tastes. well at least according to myself. some music i listen to many people have heard of, while other music may be considered indie or underground. but regardless of what type of music you like, i can almost guarantee that you will like what i have just found.

for only $7 (+ shipping) i bought a cd called The Dark Forest. it is a rock opera and it has the most magnificent mixture of both female and male vocals backed by a strong (emulated) orchestra. for $7 you get 9 songs (46:07) that tell a complete story. it has two acts and it moves along so smoothly. it is a wonderful break from traditional sounding (boring) music. and now that i have used a plethora of parentheses, i will tell you where you can pick up a copy of this beautiful music. and for only $7, even if you don't like it you won't be out that much cash, but you will like it!

buy it here!

May 14, 2005

knife wound

if it bleeds, then it leads. that is what they say, so that is what i give you. always providing you with the most exciting entertainment, this true story involves mr mackereth with the knife in the gameroom! or so that is where the clues from the parker brothers lead us to think.

yesterday whilest i was at worketh. i pricked my finger and i did bleed. or rather i sliced my finger with a large cutting knife. my precognitive abilities saw the coming of this unfortunate event. we needed to cut little snacks for a party our apartment was throwing. here is a dramatic renenactment through words:

me: does anyone want to help cut these?

*no response*

me: ok fine. i will do it, but i will prolly end up slicing my finger.

narrator: david begins the delicate process of slicing the food. however, upon the second pass with the knife, david errored in the placement of his hand. along with cutting the food, david managed to take a cut into his finger releasing the blood from within. holding up his bloodied finger, he returns to his co-workers.

david: see, i so told you guys that i am bad with knives.

co-worker: david, you are sooo done, give me the knife.

in other news, not only was i done with the knife, but my 3rd year of college is done. it reached its conclusion this morning with a refreshing 8am final. hopefully it does not cut me like the knife. i have gotten one grade back so far, and it is from the class in which i made the dinosaur vs robot comic. and that masterpiece earned me an A in the class.

aaaaaand cut!

May 9, 2005

highlighters reach new lows as they become too light

i am in the middle of writing my last paper of the semester. or rather in the middle of reading for it. like always, i have started this quest on the night before it is due. i stay awake as the sun sleeps. 9 papers in the second half of this semester, all of which have been at least 5 pages in length. all written upon the height of my creativty--->late night crunch time. some may wonder how i always manage to accomplish this great feat of composing magnificent papers the night before. i will highlight some of my secrets for you:

a pink headband: good for catching sweat, and keeping the long hair out of my eyes when reading or writing. with no more intramural soccer to get use out of the contraption, i figure i use it for something. and i think it helps in keeping my head focused by holding everything in.

caffeine: when my eyes start to droop, i find some caffeine to prop open my windows to the world.

downtime: it is always good to take a few breathers here and there. after reading a paragraph or writing a sentance or two, i always find it helpful to call a time out and simply do nothing.

read then write: i have gotten through my stacks of paper by skimming the required reading (which i never read throughout the semester when i am supposed to), highlighting passages that sound relavent to the paper topic. develop a clever title to the paper, followed by a thesis, then begin throwing in the highlighted quotes as supports.

crazy music: some fast music that improves writer morale assists one once they reach the writing stage. when accompined by the air guitar or pencil and pen drumming, excess energy is built up for keyboard tapping. this is discouraged when still in the reading stage as ones mind tends to linger off on the lyrics of the song rather than the words in the literature. when one needs to rock and roll all night, it is important to have the soundtrack to back up the action.

competetive paper writing: i have found that one of the most effective tools in writing a paper is when a roommate also has a paper. in this case you must make it a race. this may lessen the quality but it increases the speed. and in the end, the only important part is that you have a paper to turn in. because a grade is way better than no grade.

but why have i ceased my paper writing process to write this when it is my last paper of the semester? a number of reasons actually. the last paper of the spring semester is always hardest to write since summer's liberating rays are near. it is hard to keep coming up with words to fill up papers week after week. i have an over zealous roommate who pressured me to write a blog over continuing with my studies.

but most of all it is due to the fact that two of my highlighters have died out. they have been through a lot this semester and it seems as though they finally hit their limit. first neon orange, then neon green now i will continue with pink. like my headband.

May 5, 2005

dinosaur vs. robot

once again i am posting an assignment i did for one of my classes. this is because i have cool assignments. for this one we had to take at least 5 different pictures and make a story out of them. it was a very open ended assignment so we had a lot of freedom in deciding what to do. the only requirements were that one of the pictures be a composite. our pictures could be ones we took or ones we found online. a lot of people told stories from pictures they had, and whatnot. when the teacher asked what mine was gonna be about early on in the semester i said "robots and dinosaurs" without actually having it planned out in my head at all. but i had to live up to the hype i made. below you will find the pictures i used for my project, and the link will show the final layout of my story. as you will see i take these photos twist them out of context and make a completely new story.

pictures from an iran nuclear power plant:
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

taxi crash in new york:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

some crazy walking robot they made in japan:
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

may day in cuba:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

some airplanes:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a dinosaur:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and here is the result!

be patient, it is kind of a large file. i promise you won't be disappointed.

May 2, 2005

say it ain't so.

bud selig once again has targeted the twins. not for contraction this time around but rather for expansion, muscle expansion. he has gone after juan rincon for using perfomance enhancers. this is a good thing, because they need to bust these people. but the twins would be the last team i would expect having anyone using performance enhancers, because they are the most fantastically wonderful team. and no one on the twins have arms bigger than my neck. maybe ol' buddy selig should start targeting the guys who do have arms bigger than my neck. cause i dont even know how they would have suspected rincon, i spose his million mile an hour fastball gave him away.

read the article:

Twins' Rincon suspended; drug violation alleged
Associated Press
May 2, 2005 RINCON0503

Minnesota Twins pitcher Juan Rincon was suspended for 10 days Monday, making him the fifth player disciplined under Major League Baseball's new policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Rincon's agent, Ed Setlik, said a grievance was planned. But unlike other penalties, suspensions under this policy take effect immediately and are not delayed pending a hearing.

"Suffice it to say, he was devastated and stunned by the result,'' Setlik said after speaking with Rincon.

Rincon was a key contributor to the Twins' AL Central-winning team last season. He went 11-6 with two saves and a 2.63 ERA in 77 games. This year, the right-handed reliever was 2-1 with a 2.25 ERA in 12 appearances.

Rincon has a $440,000 salary this year. The suspension will cost him $24,044.

The penalty also will hurt Rincon's chances to earn bonuses of $10,000 for appearing in 68 games, $20,000 for 73 games and $30,000 for 78 games.

Four players had previously received 10-day bans, all with relatively low profiles: Tampa Bay outfielder Alex Sanchez, Colorado outfielder Jorge Piedra, Texas minor league pitcher Agustin Montero and Seattle minor league outfielder Jamal Strong.

Last week, commissioner Bud Selig proposed much tougher penalties for players caught using steroids. He sent a letter to the players' union calling for a 50-game suspension for first-time steroid offenders, a 100-game ban for a second offense and a lifetime ban for a third violation under what he called a "three strikes and you are out approach'' to doping.

The Twins were off Monday. They play again at home Tuesday against Cleveland.

General manager Terry Ryan acknowledged that he was notified about Rincon's positive test and said right-hander Scott Baker, one of the organization's top prospects, would be recalled from Triple-A Rochester to fill the roster spot. Ryan declined to comment further.

Under baseball's drug rules, the sport doesn't announce the specific substance a player tested positive for. Setlik declined to divulge details because of the planned grievance.

Setlik said he believed Rincon, 26, will be allowed to work out with the team during the suspension, but once the games start he's prohibited from being in uniform and cannot be in the clubhouse.