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July 29, 2005

winterfresh is useless

i believe that winterfresh gum must be seasonal, and right now it is out of season. everytime i start chewing it, it starts to turn powdery as if it can no longer hold itself together. at which point it is hopeless to try and chew and you are working more on attempting to keep it all in one clump as it begins to disperse like cotton candy, only without the rush. are there any consumer reports on what gum is of highest quality for lowest price? perhaps someone should point me in the direction of summerfresh gum.

or maybe my mouth is just vicious, like that of a dragon, and it rips everything to shreds. prepare to be terrorized wrigley's winterfresh. 30 cent pack at a time.

July 25, 2005


so roommate joey has begun moving out. the first thing to be removed was the living room television. so this left our living room looking quite bare.

enter roommate cody to the rescue with some non toxic crayola markers. the fat ones, not the wussy skinny ones. at 1.30 in the morning she laid out her brilliant plan to save the world to roommate tom and i. we had a good hearty laugh over the whole idea and joined in this master plan.

myself being a former rocket scientist undertook making (drawing) the new television. roommate cody assisted by providing the neccesary supplies, taping things, and creating the antenna.
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then since televisions do not work without remotes. roommate tom started toiling on a remedy. behold! the remote control!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and for good measure, we hooked the xbox up to the new television and tom went at playing some halo 2 (i think).
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and so the apartment is complete once again. and we can all keep on living.

July 23, 2005

raccoons on parade

at the time of night when the bars close, the streets are lit up by taxis and there are adventures to be had. while i don't drink, everyone my age seems to enjoy socializing at bars, so i join in. tonight the socialization was with representatives from most all of the big10 schools student governments. this is how everyone winds down after a long day of discussing student government issues. i enjoy the festivities until closing time, at which point i begin my walk home. taxis rule the streets at night for two reasons. one because people are too intoxicated to drive and they are being responsible, while the second reason is because all the non taxis are parading around the burger king drive thru. when someone gets the munchies around campus, there is only one place you can go 24 hours, and that is the BK drive thru.

there was another parade on my walk home and it was not part of the BK line or the aquatennial. this was a parade of 4 raccoons. they walked around keeping a close eye on me as i watched them. 3 of them circled a trash can while the fourth jumped in to pilage and plunder. raccoons get the munchies as well. the largest member of this parade began hissing at me as i was apparently spectating for too long. so i had a staring contest with this coon. unfortunately i lost, so i walked home defeated and now i am going to bed.

July 17, 2005

the weekend update

just when it seemed that i had nothing to write about, i was hit across the face with an abundance of things to write about. so to best replay all these events a top 10 list is in order. so here are the top 10 weekend events:

#10-going to valleyfair with no lines and then being poured on by the rain while stuck on a roller coaster.

#9-getting original ghostbuster and ninja turtles puzzles made into posters by my mom and sister. come see them sometime!

#8-going to hope community church on a 90 degree day. this church has no A/C so it was hot as hell, but it is still cool as heaven!

#7-the twins win 5-4 after scoring 5 runs in the inning that i claimed was going to be "our" inning before it even happened. and making some random stranger high 5 buddies.

#6-battling waves at lake calhoun and throwing rocks.


#4-going to bars and seeing some people i have not seen in year(s).

#3-getting offered the job of a marketing assistant at the twin cities student unions. so now i have 3 jobs for when school starts, and some schudule figuring out to do.

#2-a friday night spent at the IMAX theater to watch batman begins once again, only this time a bazillion times larger. isn't this what every college kid does on a friday night.

and the #1 event this weekend was the return of TC the bear, making his third appearance in my blog. his little helper man took a picture with my camera phone.

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July 14, 2005


yesterday i painted something on mspaint. i took a long look at my creation. it was nothing like previous paintings of mine. it did not have my signature style. i did not spend much time on it. it was rushed. i x'ed out of ms paint, and when it asked me if i would like to save, i responded by clicking no. the painting was rejected, never to be seen again. erased.

tonight i started writing a long post. a story. but once again, it just felt forced. it was not flowing like i would have liked it to. so i deleted it all. and wrote this instead. the post only made it in my head, but my head could not find the proper words to tell it. so it was backspaced.

July 9, 2005

fantastic 4 am

so roommate tom and i were going to see fantastic 4 today, or i guess now it is yesterday since it was opening day, and that is how we like to watch our movies. fresh out of the oven. but instead we decided to hang out around the apartment which turned into visiting with friends at parties. and now it is 4am, fantastic 4am. the night was filled with too much to fit in. there was prolly more action and drama tonight than there would ever possibly be in the movie. but no worries because dr doom always loses and things always end happily ever after.

a movie script ending.

or perhaps just a

to be continued...

July 5, 2005

spike has been shot!

the elusive spike has finally been caught on film thanks to the higher quality close up mode of roommate joey's nikon coolpix. the same type of camera i wrote copy for in the past for an advertising class. oddly enough i wrote about dinosaurs back then as well. so the nikon coolpix is well suited for dinosaur photography.

well hello mr spike.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

as you can see, spike's natural habitat is astroturf formally used in the legendary Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and we take one last look at my sister's creation as we leave spike back in peace, to roam about the top of my television.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

July 4, 2005

i shall name him spike

my sister made me the coolest little dinosaur. it is a stegasaurus, and she made him out of clay. he is green and has purple spikes down his back with yellow spikes on his tail. he has three yellow spots on both sides of him, and cute little beady eyes. i decided spike would be a good name for him. he sort of looks like spike on land before time.

and speaking of my sister, today is her birthday, she is a fourth of july baby. so happy birthday sister! and happy birthday brother! whose birthday was july 2nd. quite a milestone year for the mackereth children as i became 21, my sister 18 and my brother 13.

i tried to take a picture of spike, but my digital camera does not focus well on smaller things. so spike can't be photographed just like he can't fly (according to ducky).

Ducky: "Petrie, do not feel sad. It is alright. Many things cannot fly. Rocks, trees, sticks, Spike..."

July 1, 2005


so i have probably counted enough sheep to weave a new red wool sweater for fat albert. if you can weave wool that is. i am not sure. but it seems as though i am stuck on west coast time and then some. so i figure what better way to put myself to sleep than write a blog entry then read it. warm milk would just taste gross. so for this to work the entry probably has to be really long and pointless, with very little action. no explosions, special effects or bus 16 rides. just typing. typing letters that make words. typing letters like z in hopes of achieving some zzzzzzzzzz's. it also helps to just type because my mind gets really focused when i want to sleep sometimes. it is as if it is filled to full with thoughts and ideas. and in order to sleep i need to empty my head. so i am emptying my consciousness right now. underoath is probably not the music i should be listening to as a lullaby to sleep. ok i just changed it from underoath to unwed sailor. much more soothing. did you know if you frame a poster it can look really classy? i framed one of my band posters and it looks like art in a muesuem. i think tbs is having a bruce willis marathon this late night or early morning. but this entry has no action, so i need to turn off the tv. bruce willis only makes action movies. plus the noise is disrupting the sounds of unwed sailor. the sun is sleeping. i should be too. because even though the sun went to bed before me, i still have to wake up about the same time as the sun. so the sun will be all bright and chipper and i will be groggy with bloodshot eyes. red bloodshot eyes, red like the new wool sweater i can make fat albert with all the sheep i am counting.