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August 31, 2005

dude, you're 3 days late of getting a new dell motherboard. have a nice day.

Welcome to Dell Chat. Please wait for an available agent. You will be notified when your chat is accepted by an agent.

{David Mackereth 8:24:03 PM} I have now had numorous instances where I have called Dell Tech Support about problems with my computer shutting down on its own without notice and they have misdiagnosed it. After some attempts with Dell Tech Support and still having a faulty computer I brought it into computer services at the University of Minnesota. They have told me that I have a faulty motherboard and it needs to be replaced or needs replacement parts. I am not sure how long my warranty goes until but I know that you have records of my previous calls to Tech Support regarding this same problem only I was given an incorrect solution. So I was wondering if my warranty still covers getting a new motherboard and if not what the estimate would be on getting a new one of those? Thank you.
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:24:11 PM} Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Chat. My name is Sandeep. May I have your complete name and telephone number as on our records?
{David Mackereth 8:24:47 PM} My name is David Mackereth but it may be my fathers name on the records and his name is Daryll
{David Mackereth 8:25:04 PM} the phone number is xxx.xxx.xxxx
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:25:10 PM} Thank you
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:25:47 PM} The systems service contract expired on- 2005-08-28 .
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:26:40 PM} You can contact our order support people and buy the motherboard.They will give you the cost information.I don't have it with me because I am in the technical support department.
{David Mackereth 8:26:50 PM} That was 3 days ago, yet there are records of my contacting Dell with this same problem previous to that
{David Mackereth 8:27:04 PM} and they came up with an incorrect solution
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:27:31 PM} David, do you have any case number from the previous call?
{David Mackereth 8:27:38 PM} 24421643
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:28:00 PM} This case is almost two years old.
{David Mackereth 8:28:26 PM} there should be one that was just a few months ago
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:28:39 PM} its 217 days old.
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:28:48 PM} there are just two cases.
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:29:09 PM} its about spontaneous system shutdown.
{David Mackereth 8:29:12 PM} yes
{David Mackereth 8:29:29 PM} and they had me rebuild everything
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:29:39 PM} when did you last contacted us?
{David Mackereth 8:30:03 PM} it was probably in the last 6 months
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:31:18 PM} we would have still considered if the case was ongoing for the last 15 days.But six month is a long time.We do replace a part if the issue is ongoing for last 15 days or a month and the warranty expires.
{David Mackereth 8:32:03 PM} so there is nothing you can do?
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:33:56 PM} personally I would love to replace the motherboard because the warranty expired just three days ago but according to policy I can't do it.
{David Mackereth 8:34:22 PM} even though my computer has had problems on previous occasions?
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:34:59 PM} I understand but its is avery old issue.
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:35:46 PM} the link for order support is- http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/en/chat?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn

{Sandeep_Shonik 8:36:48 PM} Is there anything else I can assist you with?
{David Mackereth 8:36:56 PM} no, i guess that will be all
{Sandeep_Shonik 8:37:13 PM} Thank you for visiting Dell Technical Support online chat and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. I have included your case # 110781010 to reference our interaction today. Please keep this on file; it will assist you when contacting Dell Inc in the future. Also, feel free to visit us again at

{Sandeep_Shonik 8:37:15 PM} Have a nice day

In conclusion: i do not have a fully operational computer right now so don't expect many updates, not like i have had many recently because of work. ALSO NEVER BUY ANYTHING CREATED BY DELL! cause you know what dell ryhmes with...hell...so that means it must be bad.

August 26, 2005

welcome back paintbrush

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August 22, 2005

punk rock with class

with only one year left of college, i feel the need to grow up. yet i still hear the toys r us theme song in my head. but that does not stop me, as i slowly inch my way towards full on old personess. i took some of my band posters and framed them, so now they are stylish art rather than paper being held to the wall with poster puddy. i struggle to stay awake because i am working 60 hours a week. so i go to bed early like an adult whose bedtime always comes after watching the 9:00 clock news, and sometimes on those wild nights, the 10:00 news. i have one job in a cubicle, and one job in an office, yet i still show up to work with bed head and often unshaven. sometimes i feel my best in a nice button up shirt while other times i just want to wear my yellow park tavern shirt every day, which has become so thin that my tattoo shows through it. i still like going to music concerts but i now stay towards the back and take in the sounds rather than going in the pit, getting covered in sweat. i still feel punk rock but now it is with class.

August 17, 2005

if it's not broken, it's not punkrock

the city bus and foot are not the only modes of transportation for my adventures. the punk rock van is now in my possesion. at only 14 years young, this boxy style van beats the pants off of those new egg shaped soccer mom vans. it features a stylish maroon exterior with a matching interior. fully equiped with a casette deck which no longer lights up the clock, making changing the radio station hit or miss. with the aid of a car kit adapter the old school punk rock van meets the new school iPod for endless tunes. my father says that the spedometer does not always work so i should "follow traffic, rather than lead it." this is unfortunate for all the sports cars on the freeway that were hoping to draft behind me. if something gets in my way, i will just watch it patiently because there is no horn to honk. there are a few small rust spots on the outside and a few paint stains on the inside, but these are only beauty marks that add character. i couldn't love the punk rock van any more. my "mini van, huge fun!" shirt is in the mail. there are already +121K miles on this baby, and she has miles of adventure still remaining. rock on!

August 12, 2005

the brand new adventures of

so it would seem as though though we have reached a brand new saga. i have taken a few days off from here to prepare. there is always a wait period inbetween the end of one epic adventure and the beginning of the next. that is where we are now. a fresh new start. in case the billy joel cover song did not tip you off, i have been movin' out, and now movin' in.

i have upgraded from a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment. roommate tom, one of our favorite characters has joined me on this quest. we have to say our farewells to characters roommate joey and roommate cody, but i am sure that they will make cameo appearances. but there are new characters to introduce to this year's adventure: roommate kathryn and roommate alissa. the two of these ladies both work with roommate tom and i at the apartment, hence us getting a sweet huge apartment. everyone is still settling in. i am working around 60 hours a week now and i love it (except when i am tired).

new job, new apartment, new blessings.
and so, the adventures continue...

August 1, 2005

expect a high chance of brain storms with temperatures in the mid to low 90s

so after working for a week at my new job, i figure i may as well mention it. thanks in part to some of my previous blog postings about my adventures on bus 16 (edited for grammer and capitalization), due as well in part to my dinosaur vs robot comic page, not to mention my attitude in general, i landed a marketing position for the twin cities student unions (known primarily for coffman union). the clients i will be working with include goldy's gameroom, the gopher spot, gopher express, gopher express west, the post offices as well as the info desks. i will be coming up with copy and creating basic ideas or drafts for the designers to make into a full blown ads or other visual aids. i will sort of be a mediator between the clients and the designers.

as i have only worked for a week, i have not really dove too deeply into all of this. the work environment is very casual and fun. it feels like a good fit, and i believe that i will enjoy myself there. today i used my little notepad to brainstorm ideas for visuals to go on monitor screens throughout coffman. i sat with my feet up on a desk doodling down ideas, sketching drafts and just using the pen to shoot out any little thoughts that were in my head. sometimes when i scribbled things, i decided that they needed sound effects, so as i drew i made various airplane, bird or other noises. i even drew a giant brain with rain and lightning coming out of it to show that i was brainstorming.

i will try to keep you all posted on any ads that i have a hand in that appear in local papers and magazines and such you can look out for them and give me feedback.so