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September 26, 2005

i got no strings to hold me down

this is my first wireless post. it feels james bondish. i have been eating out a lot lately, due to lack of time and always being away from the apartment. on my walk back to campus from my lunch i ran into a begger. did you know that it is legal in minneapolis for people to beg? that is why you find them and their cardboard signs at most every off ramp in the area. after a few raspy "HEYS!" yelled in my general direction, i figured he had earned my attention. i responded, "what's up dude?" he asked the time, and so i pulled out my phone to check for him, "1:30!" i yelled, so that he could hear me over the passing traffic. he was grateful.

i know that i have little money to spare for this off ramp population, and i also know that they don't accept animal crackers, since they rejected roommate tom of his gift of a bag of animal crackers. giving the time however is something i can do, and right now it is time for class, so i am off on the move again. not to mention i only have 9% of my battery remaining.

shut down but not held down.

September 25, 2005

rain, mud, frisbee

an ultimate frisbee team consists of 7 players. so far in the HOCs two games, only two players have remained a constant backbone to the team by showing up to both games. the rest of the team has consisted of 2 other alternating kids from hope on campus, and we have then filled our team with players from previous games who are willing to play with us. and with this haphazard construction of a team, the HOCs are able to pull together and play a decent game. last week we blew the team out, this week was a bit more exciting.

the weather consisted of wet cold rain, which transformed the grassy fields to mud holes. amongst the sliding around, the HOCs took an early 4-1 lead. we quickly tired as we had no subs however and by half we were down 6-5. their lead grew to 8-6 in the beginning of the second half, but the HOCs opened their wings, made a few web gems, and tied it up 9-9. we let one get by so we were down 10-9 with little time remaining, and then in the final play of the game we tied it up, with a nice catch in the mud.

the HOCs are now 1-0-1. hopefully in our last 2 games before the playoffs we can put a steady team together so we don't have to worry about forfeiting minutes before the start.

September 21, 2005

rockin' it at the apocalypse

so the end of my day almost ended early as i arrived to a classroom with the following written on the white board:

JOUR 4259
6:15pm Wed
Instructer Kistle is flying in & hopes to be here by 6:30pm. If not here by 6:30 you are free to leave.

6:27 rolls up, and so does the teacher. no worries though, he makes it a quick class. so we end early and that is where the excitement really begins to brew. i step outside and it is dark, as a typical minnesota evening past 7pm should be, i notice a flicker of light in the sky. i hear no thunder, so i figure it must have just been a streetlight turning on. this is until i get around the building and can see the sky having a rave party with flashes of light everywhere but not a crack of thunder in earshot. i continue my walk home with eyes to the skies. the wind starts to pick up and i feel sand hitting my feet. a few drops start landing on my exposed skin, leading up to a all out downpour. the wind kept increasing in speed until the rain was moving horizontally. i pushed my way through the rain and wind. i was forced to remove my sandals as they have leather and that makes for difficult walking. so i continued my journey home, hoping that any leftover broken alcohol bottles from the weekend had already washed into the sewer. the sky kept getting darker, with the exception of flashes of lightning spread about. it felt like either the tail end of hurricane katrina or the beginning of the apocalypse. i made it home, drudging my way up the stairs like a wet dog. this was perpetuated since i was wearing a wool sweater. i went to my room to get a dry set of clothes, and lay out my drenched school bag and its contents. it was as if i had jumped in a lake. i threw my wet clothes over the shower rod. this idea came crashing down as the weight of the clothes were too much for the bar of metal used for curtains of the shower variety. as the rain continues its assault, i must begin my history of rock and roll paper that is due tomorrow.

it's rock and roll at the end of the world!

a place to lay my head

my apartment. once a place of endless slacking which involved playing hours of video games, surfing the tv for movies to watch, watching the fish, acting like a dinosaur or just soaking in some music has now become solely a place to sleep. now the difference between sleeping and slacking is more than three letters. it means that i am never around my apartment to slack. i am only around to sleep, do homework, or reasearch for my professor. i still don't read. days are flying by though, and i never think to myself "hmm, what should i do?"

speaking of things to do, if you would like to see me someplace besides dreamland come to one of the following shows. October 11th is one of two death cab for cutie shows in minneapolis. i chose this date because it is the 21+ show, this means i wont feel old at a concert like i have begun to feel recently, if anything i will feel young. the next show i have confirmed by purchasing a ticket is for MAE on October 18th. now i have seen both of these bands on numerous occasions and i can safely say that they both lay out beautiful music that wont put you to sleep.


September 18, 2005

black eyed girl

no pain, no gain is what some people say. that is why i decided if the HOCs were going to win today, there had to be some pain involved. so i gave ellen childs, a member of the HOCs, a black eye. now my parents have always said it is not nice to hit girls, but what if it means winning the game?

well the HOCs did come out with a dominating 19-5 victory in their debut, but it definatly had nothing to do with me giving ellen a black eye. what happened there was i threw the frisbee real hard, and in the follow through my hand met up with the passing ellen who was running right towards it. physics has taught me that there is an energy transfer involved here. my stored chemical energy was transfered to ellens face resulting in black eye energy.

the reason we actually won was because we had some ringers. we were short staffed on our first gameday so some guys who played the previous game joined us. they were able to hook up for some scores that involved throwing the frisbee the length of the field, it was pretty impressive. so don't mess with the HOCs, if they are willing to inflict pain on their own team, imagine what they are willing to do to their opposition.

ellen childs, i am sorry for giving you a black eye. i am sure pastor cor will have a field day talking about this tuesday at hope on campus as well as next sunday during announcements at church.

day one:
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day two:
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day three:
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day four:
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September 13, 2005

the HOCS strike back!

i am not sure if hawks migrate or not, i am kinding leaning towards no since they are predatory birds. but the HOCs did migrate after last seasons soccer season ended by just barely missing the playoffs, like every minnesota team seems to be doing lately. they have however made their graceful return ready for a new HOC dynasty. there are some new members of the HOCs which is suiting because we are playing a different sport this time around.

now i know that i am busy with working full time and going to school full time, but when you are this busy, what is one more thing? so i signed up, because i could not resist the allure of another chance to fight with the HOCs.

the new sport this season is...ultimate frisbee! get ready for more eventful adventures with the HOCs, every sunday afternoon.

September 8, 2005

an hour in the life of Goldy Gopher

between the hours of 12:00 and 13:00 on the 8th of september, Goldy Gopher was at his best ever. this is the picture story of that hour.

Goldy enjoys long wallks on the washington avenue bridge and marching band music. here we see him with some members of the pep band. notice the wonderful converse all-stars that Goldy decided to wear today. they look exactly like mine.
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it is not all play for Goldy however, he has work to do! it is funny how when some average joe is passing out flyers, everyone shrugs them off. but whoa ho ho, if Goldy is handing out paper, it is made of gold!
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Goldy had some frisbees to hand out as well. great percision was demonstrated by Goldy as the frisbees were thrown to the passing public. one frisbee did get out of control however and went over the bridge into the traffic. but don't worry, Goldy stuck his big head over the wall to make sure that no accidents were caused. that frisbee may still be on washington avenue if anyone would like to pick it up.

Goldy loves pictures. and lots of people like to have their picture taken with Goldy, some people just choose to go with a high 5 or even a hug. this guy opted for the picture.
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all of this work and play made Goldy pretty tired and sweaty. so Goldy took a break to get some ice cream.
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before leaving, Goldy decided to make a classic Goldy pose, using the ice cream cart as the signature University of Minnesota "M."

Goldy may never have another hour as wonderful as that which was spent on this occasion. if he does, you know that you will find more details and photos of those occasions exclusively on a heart with a twist of lemon.

September 5, 2005

rock and roll summer ends with a bang

the last day of the minnesota state fair, the last day of summer ends with a bang or two or three, or an entire fireworks display. but more importantly is what came before that, an evening with switchfoot! they rocked out as usual, with jon's vocals soaring into the crowd. he himself worked his way behind the crowd to the grandstand so all the people way in the back would not feel so far away. some highlights of the show include roommate tom catching a free shirt from the state fair mascot, poparazzi girls trying to take random pictures of tom and i, and finally me being crowd surfer police. switchfoot is not exactly the type of music to mosh to, and for that matter crowd surf to so people around me were getting annoyed, when one surfer was catching a wave towards me i gave one good shove into the air and they went higher than normal making it impossible for people to cathch them, so down they went. wipe out followed by high fives.

the rock and roll.
the fireworks.
the grand finale.
of summer.

September 4, 2005

like mase said, "welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaack."

my wallet is now empty of money but my heart is full of hopes and dreams. i am now reconnected to the computer world. i have gone from dell trash to apple class. this here entry is the first of many entries to follow which will be typed on my new 15" powerbook. you wont notice any changes, but know that behind the scenes my omnipresent smile just got a little bigger.