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October 31, 2005

can i get an amen?

tonight was my first experience with vespers at bethel college. i have always heard about it since jr high. my friends would often make the venture out to arden hills to attend. but i had never gone. well tonight i went, and i loved it. i can't believe that i have never gone. the whole purpose is to sing praise and worship songs to God. i try to center my life around God, and singing songs to praise him fills me with great joy. and to do this for a good solid hour...words cannot describe. i love music and i love God, so music to God just makes sense. Amen.

October 26, 2005

for a lack of better words:

i really have no words to write. i have been a busy bee with no time to write and no real adventures to write about. i wore the same clothes monday and tuesday. it is mostly because the two days blurred into one, there was too much to do to bother thinking about what to wear next. plus i was comfortable. so here are the words of another to fill space:

"I put on the same clothes I wore yesterday.
When did society decide that we had to change
And wash a tee shirt after every individual use:
If it's not dirty, I'm gonna wear it."

-Jack's Mannequin-I'm Ready-

October 16, 2005

broken wings

the HOCs never really took flight in the playoff game today. we played a team of burly frat boys from ATO, some of whom still had a hint of alcohol lingering from their breath. but these guys who were still sobering up, crushed the smaller HOCs and beat them into the ground. they would chuck the frisbee down the field and then use their size advantage to score. after the first 5 points, i stopped counting. the score at halftime was a lot to nothing.

the HOCs fluffed up their wings. we did not want to be skunked. the second half we were able to put 2 points up on the board. so the final score was pretty much ATO: infinity and the HOCs: 2.

so our playoff stint was short and brutal. but the HOCs will be back after they mend their broken wings. just in time for the winter indoor soccer season.

October 15, 2005

the letter of the day is "B"

this was given to me on a Christmas many years ago. probably the late 80s or early 90s. it was 1 of 3 handcrafted by my grandpa Glenn Mackereth, no one calls him Glenn though, everyone calls him Mack. i drove big bird over to my apartment in the punk rock van because he can't fly. i needed something to take up wall space and serve a purpose. i figured that the most adult thing to do would be to use the big bird coat rack.

the funny thing about this big bird is that if you look at his hand, he is actually giving the bird. i guess he could not resist the irony. i do not think it was my grandpa's intention though.

but every day when i get home and walk into my room, there is big bird all "what up!" style.

i threw all of my hoodies on the various hooks. the hoodies that keep my body warm, now keep big bird warm. they also serve to get back at him for giving me the bird. i throw a hoodie over his face and say, "tell me how to get to sesame street now big bird!"

October 9, 2005

forfeits and fat lips

we had clinched a playoff spot last week. the only possible way for us to fail to go on to the playoffs would be if we were to forfeit today due to a lack of players. well there was a forfeit today. but it was not us. the team we were slated against today only had 3 players. so we won by default, bumping our regular season record to 3-0-1.

we had an abundance of players this week so we gave the other team some of our players, including myself, and we played a game for fun. the score is not important, mostly because i was on the losing side, and i have a fat lip to show for it. spencer and i were competing to catch a frisbee in the air. it ended in a collision where shoulder meets face. i got off the ground spit out some blood, and sat off for a while to let it dry before returning to the game. but i cant really say "you should see the other guy" because i am pretty sure that my face inflicted minimal damage to spencer's shoulder. just toughening up and getting ready for the playoffs.

the HOCs are ready.

October 8, 2005

$1 shirt, some homemade stencils, and a can of spraypaint

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

October 6, 2005

elevated tempers on the elevator

i entered an elevator today at work that already had a passenger. she was a good foot shorter than me. curly dark hair put up in a pony tail. probably in her mid twenties. she was wearing a white button up shirt, black dress pants and shiny black shoes. in her hands she was holding some food in a box. she must be a caterer i thought to myself. her face looked as though she had not slept in a while. and her attitude and patience seemed to agree with her appearance.

even before i got on the elevator she started furiously pushing the door close button. then she started yelling at the elevator. "this stupid f***in' elevator, what is wrong with it now! i hate this piece of s***"

in my head i thought of saying "you have to be patient with these things. no need to get all worked up." but i kept quite to myself. this lady was a timebomb and i did not want to help move the fuse along.

she grew soo unpatient with the door not closing, that she made an exit. but just as she was leaving the door started closing and nailed her in the arm. "f***! now it starts working!" her dislike for the elevator was becoming quite clear. and it seemed as though the elevator returned its dislike for her. she retreated back to her spot in the corner of the elevator, the doors closed and we began our ascent. she scurried off as we hit floor 3. i remained, i still had 2 floors to go. i let the doors close on their own. this elevator had gone through enough already for me to be pushing anymore buttons.

i returned to the elevator a few minutes later for a return to floor 1. before i reached my destination the elevator stopped and the doors began to open. the number on the wall indicticated that it was floor 3. low and behold psycho is returning to the elavator which she had just gashed with her words. only now she was in a chipper mood. although she still compulsively pushed the door close button. i still kept to myself even with her change in attitude. it seemed as though her temper follows the direction of the elevator.

if i ever build an elevator, it will have a very untraditional button...an eject button.

October 5, 2005


October 2, 2005

a full flock of HOCs

the HOCs had a full flock for the first time in this short season. we had enough people to have 3 subs even. now we had a new element to think about...substitution strategy. it ended up helping us, since the team we played was a person short of a full team, so they got more tired than the HOCs.

the team we played today consisted of mr intensity and his little cronies. mr intensity would argue everything and yell at his little cronies whenever they failed to make a catch. needless to say i am glad that i am not on his team. i would much rather be on a team where we give each other black eyes. the HOCs battled mr. intensity and his cronies to a 3-3 tie at halftime.

they took a quick 5-3 lead in the beginning of the second half, but we made some substitutions and battled back to tie it 5-5. some time passed and they scored again giving mr intensity and his cronies a 6-5 edge. yet the resiliant HOCs scored again to tie it up, at which point we began to wonder how much time remained as the lady in charge seemed to have dissappeared. we knew there could not be much time left so everyone starting playing a rushed game and that created sloppy play. we scored again to give us our first lead at 7-6. at which point the lady in charge returned and informed us that there was 2 minutes left. after the other team dropped the game tieing point in the endzone, we drove down the field again and gave ourselves a security point, and the game ended with a final score of HOCs 8 :: mr intensity and his cronies 6. thusly clinching a playoff spot with a record of 2-0-1 and one or two games remaining in the regular season.

good guys win.