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November 25, 2005

Self-Portrait (Winter)

this self-portrait was made for my ArtS 1001 course. it is a reaction to previous works by warhol. it looks a gazillion times better in real life. unless you count my dinosaur shirt as a portrait, this is my first portrait of anything made using spraypaint.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

title: self-portrait (winter)
artist: me
medium: spraypaint on canvas
size: 8x10

November 22, 2005

who framed Roger Rabbit?

the last few weeks i have been busy non stop. just yesterday i had a 12 page paper, a 10 minute presentation and an art midterm. with so much to do in one weekend, some things were probably not gonna be done with the highest of quality. if i were to compare what i did this last weekend in relation to quality of breakfast cereals it would go as such: my presentation was count chocula, my paper was cheerios, and my studying for the midterm was cardboard (which is still better than tastee-o's).

so my art midterm was about art history, styles, artists, titles of paintings, years they were painted, that sort of thing. a painting was displayed on the screen and the question was who painted this. i begin thinking, paintings are often framed, what else was framed and is a name of somebody? of course...Roger Rabbit! who framed that rabbit anyways? looking back on it, i probably should have guessed characters from another cartoon...teenage mutant ninja turtles. at least then i would have stood a chance at getting half credit. and when i think of the word half, i think...

turtles in a half shell, turtle power!

November 9, 2005

can you feel it?

it pressed against my face with a biting chill. i was forced me to gasp for breath. too much air was rushing into my lungs. it was cold. my clothing was pushed tightly against my body. last night it wailed against my bedroom windows. i was not ready for it, but there it was. waiting for me as i awoke. greeting me as i stepped outside. surrounding me. i felt a shiver overcoming my body, so i tightened up. my mind mulls over the situation ("i should have worn more layers today"). 2 tshirts, a waffle shirt, a hoodie, and a $2 down vest were just not holding the warmth inside ("perhaps i should have worn my scarf today"). the warm embrace that held me for months had left. a familiar stranger had returned. it was never welcomed but always accepted. life would grow too boring without this change. the bitter chill has returned, and i swallow it down.

minnesota winter...bring it on.

November 6, 2005

space. the final frontier.

sometimes my love for star trek comes out of hiding.

for my marketing job i was able to use star trek refrences for galactic bowling monitors like below.

i also used some refrences for the online calendar: "Set your phasers to fun because it is time for Galactic Bowling! Chill in the foggy black lit atmosphere and hurl glowing spheres down at the pins." See Here.

captains log, stardate 30516: i love my marketing job.

November 2, 2005

drive by in a red ford escort

when i sit down somewhere and just take in my surroundings, i often watch complete strangers. i see them as they move through life. and i wish for the ability to read their mind. not to just know what they are thinking, but to know what they are going through in life. i get really curious about this sort of thing, because there are so many people i see that i know nothing about.

roommate tom and i often talk hypothetically on what superpower we would want. i have always wanted to be wolverine just because he is so fricking sweet. he can get shot in the head and survive. not to mention the possibilities with retractable claws. he is just a scruff. it would also be cool to be the human torch, not so much if you could just light on fire, but the fact that he can fly too. that puts him up there in superpower awesomeness. tom has always thought that it would be coolest to have professor X's superpowers. i questioned him at first. but now that i have had some time to think it over. having the amazing mind power of professor X would allow me to understand better what everyone is going through. like why that lady driving the red ford escort looked so frustrated.

but if i had metal claws, i probably would no longer sit around and wonder what complete strangers are going through.