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January 29, 2006

"the rock and roll of the business world"

graduation is approaching. the fears i have had are lessening, while the excitement is growing. i had the opportunity to visit carmichael lynch on friday, much thanks to ryan's father sheldon. there is still a lot of hard work ahead of me. i still must break into the ad world, but i now know how well it will fit me. the entrance resembled a rock club. the creative room was just as it had been described to me in class. a room wallpapered with ideas. a large television with a playstation. a fooseball table. an extremely creative environment where one need not be constrained by a suit and a tie. it is a good feeling to know that the major you have spent 4 years toiling over has the potential to become not a job or a career but a creative outlet. the visit has motivated me to put even more work and effort into landing myself a place in this dream.
and to that i say "rock and roll!"

January 26, 2006

january rain

a rather rare occurance in minnesota. i cannot remember a january where it has rained before. the rain gathered on the sidewalks, melting away at some of the ice. it resembled large oceans forming on the cement with giant iceburgs floating around.

i was walking home from my 4th, and newest part time job. i am a whole music club assistant. more simply, a music promoter. not only do i get paid to promote, but i also receive money for going to the concerts. this reversal in cash flow at musical events is a trend i rather enjoy. but back to the original focus of this paragraph. i was walking home in the oddity of january rain. a large ocean stood in my path, and with no whale or boat to ride upon i could not cross. so i decided to work my way upon the glaciers. as i dared across this massive chunk of ice, i lost my footing and almost fell to what would have been my doom in the freezing ocean. but i countered gravity by swinging my non slipping foot around and propelling myself to dry ground. tragedy averted.

January 18, 2006

that squirrel is nuts

most walks to work are rather uneventful. today however was no ordinary occasion. i pass the phillips wangensteen building most every day. it is the one right behind moos tower on the east bank of the UofM. scaling the buildings outer walls was a squirrel. instinct told me to stick around and watch this animal make a tree out of the large building. i watched until he was about three stories up but i could not stay because work required my presence. this squirrel must have recently seen king kong. i imagined the little guy in a blue helmet and named him rocky (because the building has a rocky texture). and for your pleasure i present to you the rocky and phillips wangsteen show:

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January 17, 2006

my last first day of class

a weird feeling. my heart clenched with anxiety. normally one becomes anxious because school is just beginning. my insides were twisting because school is almost ending. everything has been planned out in the past. now in less than 6 months, i will be done with school and as of yet, i still do not know where in the US i will be or what type of job i will be holding. sure i have it narrowed down but there is still much uncertainty. on a typical first day of school people usually strut there stuff in brand new clothing. i however, wore what was comfortable and have known for years. unfortunatly there was a casualty. my third pair of pants in a month has ripped.

and despite all of this, i can tell that the adventure is only beginning. and this time we have some suspense.

January 15, 2006

the times they are a changin'

over the next few days you will see some changes around here. pardon the transition phase.

January 11, 2006

the taste of ink

after working 8-6 a number of days in a row, and daydreaming about giant boardgames, it is nice to come back to my apt and wind down in front of the television. i find myself amazed by how the channels in the 50s continue to make programming that grabs me. who would of thought that my attention could be drawn away from Cartoon Network, ESPN, MTV and the SciFi channel with TLC, A&E and the Discovery Channel. it all started with shows like American Chopper on the Discovery Channel with the crazy antics of family dynamics while making sweet bikes. this forced my surfing to expand into channels up in the 50s. along the way i have come across other great television like MythBusters and Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

but recently, none of these programs compare to Inked on A&E and Miami Ink on TLC. it is cool to hear the stories behind why people get their tattoos, and then watch them go through the process having it etched into their skin. the tattoo artists are also interesting characters. as far as art goes, i love the tattoo style.

January 9, 2006

the game of sweet revenge is only for 2 to 4 players / ages 6 and up

recently i have been waking up before the sun. although the sun has been on an extended hiatus for a few weeks now, but it came back today. i am far from a morning person, so while i beat the sun to morning, morning beats me to the sun. on my cold treks to work i dream of a world with an endless supply of the 11 card in a giant boardgame of Parker Brothers Sorry! if this were the case i would continue drawing 11 and i would keep trading spots with my opponents. i could get from place to place much quicker. i spot the opposition further ahead and closer to my destination and i just slap down the 11 card and home base is that much closer. i suppose eventually i would need more than the 11 card since i can't get into the home base unless i was exactly 11 spaces away. but these are the details that i do not consider at hours before the sun awakes.