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April 26, 2006

the superficial side of words

today i found myself in a discussion of fonts. i am by no means an expert on the subject but i still have my personal favorites. recently, i have been on a helvetica kick. the simplicity of it allows for it to fit into a number of situations. for a little bit of pizzazz, i like to pull out american typewriter. and for those extra special occasions, i will use american typewriter for headers or titles, and helvetica for the body text. times new roman has had its time in the spotlight, i think it may be time to put that font out to pasture. and i don't care if times new roman has a great personality.

April 21, 2006

now that my heart rate has settled

the past 2 or 3 entries have alluded to some positive developments in my life. now allow me to take you back to the beginning.

for many sleepless nights i toiled over my laptop, constructing an application for an internship at Campbell Mithun called the Lucky 13. only 13 people would be part of this internship, and only 1 copywriter in the bunch. as i wrote i found that my words were falling perfectly into place. the final result was a 20 page booklet bound between two pieces of cardboard made out to look like a bum sign. on front i etched 'will write for food' in permanent marker. i express mailed the book to Campbell Mithun and crossed my fingers as i waited for a response.

a few weeks in, i received word from an undisclosed inside source that i would be making it into the final round. some days after that i received a phone call from Campbell Mithun confirming the news. a later phone call served to set up my interview with 5 different people, which later turned into 6 people.

the interview ran much like a conversation. it was a lot of fun and very casual. if you wear a suit to this sort of interview you will probably not get the job. in my interviews the subjects ranged from advertising to twins baseball to comic book movies to music. as the interview concluded i was told that i would not hear back for 2 weeks.

one day later i receive a voicemail message from Campbell Mithun. i call and leave a voice message in return. this brings us to today when i get another voicemail message in a great game of phone tag between myself and Campbell Mithun. i finally catch up in the game of tag and find that i am offered the position of copywriter. with much jubilation i accept the position. and even now you couldn't wipe this grin off my face with extra strength windex.

please stay tuned

after i settle down from my excitement i will let you all know what i am so excited about.

April 20, 2006

cameo day

the author of this blog will be making some small appearances in two different mediums today.
you can find his name in the Minnesota Daily wordfind. and if you watch cable access you may also catch him in a photo shot for Irene on TV. stay tuned for possibly more exciting news.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

April 7, 2006

welcome to the gun show

this past week has been great. perhaps it will lead to some exciting news in the next few weeks. it is amazing how words of encouragement can light a fire inside the heart. this drawing by kurt halsey is a good representation as to how i feel on a regular basis. no lack of confidence here. whenever confidence levels do dip, my everlasting optimism kicks in to pull it back up. there is still much to do but everything is moving in the right direction.