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September 29, 2006

shut your face!

my bus ride home was uglier than this painting. i can understand a quick little phone call. but this girl blabed on and on. she was loud, obnoxious and sitting right by me. whenever she laughed it sounded like she was having an asthma attack. and then it became contagious. since blabber mouth was so into her call, about 4 other people decided they needed to pull out their mobiles and call someone up. anyone. just so they can look important or something. seriously people, let's just do some text messaging action. you don't bother anyone. and instead of telling stupid 'fill in the awkward phone silence' stories you are forced to get the point across in 160 characters or less.

September 25, 2006

high apple pie in the sky hopes

the twins spoiled me with three division titles in a row. so when they didnt make the playoffs last year, i was hurt, but i was not about to give up on my twins. even when the twins started this season horribly, falling behind the white sox, tigers and indians in the division.

that did not stop roommate tom and i back in may from driving out to milwaukee to watch fransico liriano in his first major league start. before the game even began i turned to tom and said, "a new season starts today," ask tom if you don't believe me. but i made the ultimate call. from that point on, all the twins players started getting hot.

from espn.com: "Turning point of the season: May 19, otherwise known as the date of Francisco Liriano's first start. The Twins were 17-24 at that point. They've gone 76-39 since."

santana is sure to be the cy young winner, mauer could win the batting title, and morneau should win MVP (and if jeter wins then people are just dumb). hunter and morneau both broke the 30 HR mark, something the twins have not had a player do since 1987. we climbed back up in the standings and tonight we have clinched a spot in the playoffs!

my hopes always run high when it comes to the twins. i have my playoffs tickets and i am ready for the post season!

September 21, 2006

that place where you won't lose it always gets lost

i got a 31 day unlimited pass for the metro transit in the mail the other day. i had another pass already in my wallet and i did not want to mistake the two. so i said to myself, "i should put this somewhere where i will not lose it."

the bus pass cost a good $90 or so. that is a very expense little piece of plastic. and when i say little, i mean very easy to get lost. even if i put it somewhere where it is not supposed to get lost. maybe it is more a matter of me not remembering where this magical no loss zone is located.

i would have been better off exchanging my $90 or so for 9000 pennies, maybe more. 9000 pennies would be hard to misplace. even in the lostville. sure you may misplace a few of the pennies but you are sure to have plenty left. enough to fill a pool and swim in it. scrooge mcduck style. so no longer will i spend so much on an object so small. if i am gonna buy something small, i will buy them in mass quantities. like pennies. i could even leave a trail of pennies from that place where you won't lose anything to wherever i go. that way nothing will get lost.

September 13, 2006

even bridge trolls commute

every morning i bus to work. and every morning i am joined at the busstop by a little bridge troll. he is a short little man, prolly in his 50s or 60s. his face is darkened and very wrinkly. his little beady eyes barely peak through all the wrinkles. he waves with his stubby little fingers at any service truck and bus that passes by.

his outfits vary from day to day. but they tend to consist of brightly covered crew neck sweatshirts, which he haphazardly tucks into a pair of plaid pants and his boxers. that sweatshirt is not going anywhere. he pulls the front of his undershirt up and chews it like a stick of gum.

since there is no bridge for the little troll to block, he stands in the middle of a turn lane as we wait for the bus. cars drive around him and then slowly drive by, glaring into their rear view mirrors. he'll just stand there right on the arrow painted on the asphalt. absolutly no care in the world. sometimes i feel obligated to say something, but i figure you can't keep a bridge troll from doing what comes so naturally. blocking roads.

sometimes the little bridge troll likes to play games with the cars. he always has a drink with him, sometimes in a bottle, but on this occasion it was in a dixie cup. he took the empty dixie cup and walked out to the middle of the road and set the cup down. he retreated and would watch as cars zoom over the cup. a gust blows down the cup, so the troll props it back up, hoping to end the cups life by means of car tire steamrolling.

on the bus, the bridge troll sits down but then reaches up to use the hand straps made for standing passengers. i get off at my stop, left to wonder where the bridge troll gets off, and what bridge he patrols.

September 9, 2006

don't you dare close your eyes

my brain shines at night. it is kind of like my brain is singing to me aladdin style, "i can show you the world. shining, shimmering, splendid." and then i am all like, jeez brain my eyes are closed, it is time for bed. but brain continues, "i can open your eyes. take you wonder by wonder." ok brain, time to sleep. the only thing i wonder is why brain is always daydreaming in the day and focusing at night. brain persists, "no one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming." at this point i decide if i can't beat brain, i might as well join em.

me: a whole new world
brain: don't you dare close your eyes
me: a hundred thousand things to see
brain: hold your breath it gets better
me: i'm like a shooting star, i've come so far i can't go back to where i used to be

now brain is getting ready to doze off, so we decide to close off the number.

brain: a whole new world
me: a whole new world
brain: that's where we'll be
me: that's where we'll be
brain: a thrilling chase
me: a wonderous place
both: for you and me

brain and i finally fall asleep, preparing ourselves for a new day.

September 6, 2006

limb by limb

on the front dash of the punk rock van sits a t-rex. my little brother made it for me. he found the old creepy crawlers machine, poured the goop into the mold and cooked the dino to life. the dinosaur and creepy crawler machine were brought back from extinction.

the t-rex has sat for sometime on the dash, without me giving it much thought. the mish mash of colors try to glimmer in the light as the sun shines through the windshield.

i like to tell stories of the punk rock van to any new passengers. usually it is about how the speedometer only works half the time, or how you can't read the clock, or some other malfunction. but the other night a new story hit me like a meteor of doom. this t-rex, made by my brother is the car alarm for the punk rock van. a vehicle so high on the awesome scale deserves nothing less of a dinosaur car alarm. so while other cars are getting broken into, screaming away with their pitiful alarms that everyone ignores because they hear them all the time in the city, my car will have a dinosaur that fights destruction with destruction. chomping off limbs and making it impossible to take my punk rock van away.

September 1, 2006

4 day weekend