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November 30, 2006

more feeling

it's the wonderful time of year where temperatures start flirting with subzero. and if you can put mr/dr/the in front of a word and it sounds like a supervillian, you know it's bad. the wrath of mr subzero! so bad, your breath turns to smoke and your skin goes cold.

there was a time when this bitter chill had no apparent effect on me. when not wearing a hat was "cool" and looked real good with an unzipped jacket. i think it was my jr high to early HS years. i can't remember ever being cold back then, just cool. or at least trying to be cool.

but these days i'm just trying to not be cold. scarves, hats, mittens, big coats with faux fur. gap has taught me how to layer. but it can't keep me warm like back in the day. when i never felt cold. i must have more feelings now. feelings that i can't even feel because i'm so cold.

November 27, 2006

giving thanks

the trip to NY lived up to all the hype. NY may have rained on our macy's day parade, but it didn't rain on our spirits. we still had a thanksgiving full of thanksgiving day miracles. and staying at ryan's most awesome apartment was fantastic. fully equipped with a big screen projector for life size SNES mario kart action! it was good to see old high school friend's all becoming grown ups.

there is so much to write about the trip, so i will just hit on a few big things. i saw some dinosaurs at the museum of natural history. chomp! chomp! i came across a lot of street art that i had seen in this blog. and i relearned how to hula hoop while in central park.

there was so much to be thankful for, and in the spirit of the season i spread that thanks to the cab drivers by giving hefty tips. because BK chicken fries cost twice as much in NY, so i figured the cabbies could use the money more than me.

thank you new york city (yankee fans excluded) for a good time.

November 19, 2006

bird fight

thanksgiving is a fun holiday. sit around and stuff your face with food. thank you pilgrims and native americans for inventing it. i like it so much i'm celebrating it twice this year. once tonight and then again on thursday. tonight's event was held in south minneapolis. it was potluck style with many of my bowling buddies. thursday (actual tgiving day) will be held in NYC. complete with the macy's day parade. so much turkey in one week. makes you sleepy with tryptophan.

which brings me to another pair of birds of the sleeping variety. the early bird and the night owl. my body is a night owl, so i can never really fall asleep early, yet my work schedule means i wake up every day unleashing some early bird rage on me. granted, my job allows for more sleeping in than most traditional jobs, which i am thankful for (happy thanksgiving), but in the bird fight that goes down in my mind, the night owl always claws its way to the top. it is nice when turkey steps in to moderate the match with tryptophan. so thanksgiving is not only a celebration of thanks, but it is a moment of truce between the early bird and night owl in me.

to that i say, "gobble! gobble!"

November 15, 2006

that's so high school

it hit me that i must be a little bit older when i was walking downtown today. i passed a bar, did a double take in the window because i thought i saw one of my old teachers from high school. i drop in to get a closer look and so it is, my speech/argumentation/debate teacher mr. redmond. he was always one of my favorite teachers so i stopped to chat for a while. i told him what i was up to now, and gave him one of my business cards.

when i called him "mr. redmond," he kind of laughed, "you can call me peter now david."

of course. i'm no longer some little punk high schooler getting kicked out of class for making smart allec remarks. i'm a slightly taller punk kid getting paid for making smart allec remarks. high school taught me well.

November 11, 2006

the day the music came back to life

for those who enjoy the music i put up and have noticed the same song for a few months, you will be happy to know i got my laptop hooked back up to the internet and with it a large music library to cycle through. so back to a new song every week.

in other news, if you have not yet downloaded firefox 2, do so now. it has slick new tabs and a spell checker built in. so i no longer have excuses to spell things wrong on the blog.

November 6, 2006

welcome to the future

November 2, 2006

goodbye dinosaur

the shake down

sometimes when i look computer monitors, my eyes get the shivers. they shake back and forth rapidly like i am trying to read a book as fast as that speed reader on those old infomercials. you know the type that can read like 5 pages a second. i don't think my eyes are doing that though.

something else that's shaky is my bowling game. bowling week to week you would think you would see an increase in scores. mine is more ups and downs. more down lately, so i won't even bother with the details. all you need to know is that i have recently been notified that i walk down the lane pitter patter fred flinstone style.

this cold weather also gives me the shakes. every day when i get into work i probably sit in my jacket for the first half hour just to warm up my insides. cause the cold gets me deep.

one last shake. i really like chocolate milk shakes. but only in the summer time. because the combination of the cold shakes and chocolate shakes would result in a ground shaking earthquake.

sometimes you just need to get all the shakes out.