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June 28, 2007

pillow fight

i started using a down pillow this past week. very comfortable, until i realized i'm allergic to down. it's kind of like a pillow full of rocks hit me in the face. there's only one other time i've seen feathers act like rocks. and that was at the science museum. they have that sweet vacuum tube to show how they both fall at the same speed. maybe somehow that explains how i lost the pillow fight against my own pillow. and here i thought i wasn't allergic to anything.

June 20, 2007

bus joyride

the express bus can be super boring. everyone is super professional. and no one talks. but on occasion, the 667 has some fun, thanks to a big bus driver with big dreams.

this guy really works the bus mike. typical drivers use it to call out stops. this dude makes sound effects, like a jet engine, to make the bus sound faster. he also does announcements like a radio DJ, announcing the time, day of the week, and daily forecasts. one of his favorite things to talk about is joyrides.

driver: i'm going to give you all two choices. now it's a beautiful sunny day, i can either continue driving you all to work, or we can go for a joyride. what'll it be?

passenger 1: joyride!

passenger 2: take a detour!

keeping in mind these are the same passengers that usually never speak. but then the driver has to let them down easy.

driver: i'd love to do that, but i need to keep this here job. so maybe once i win the powerball, you all can bust out your cell phones, call in sick and we'll go for that joyride.

like i said earlier, this driver is a big man with big dreams. and if he won the lottery not only will he give joyrides. but he also has plans of living in a downtown condo and have his own limo driver. then he's going to buy the metrodome and make it into a big party room. complete with a sandy beach. so even when it's cold out, the people of minnesota can enjoy a nice swim in lake metrodome.

even though he has yet to take us for a joyride, it's still a joy to ride his bus.

June 16, 2007

awww. it's a hatchback!

the first car i ever drove was a huge oldsmobile custom cruiser, named the tank. the second car i drove was the dodge caravan, know as punk rock van. now if these two got together and had a baby, it'd probably look a lot like my new car, a 2003 vw golf. it's still yet to be named.

June 12, 2007

google maps is the best

starting july 1st, you can find me at my new place. living once again with roommate tom.

June 6, 2007

on the road

this is where you cut the heart out of cleveland. i found it when we stopped in cleveland for an indians game. we being my sister and i, who were driving from minneapolis to ithaca, ny. a trip that involved a torrential downpour throughout most of wisconsin and all of illinois. it was like driving through an ocean, i'm surprised we're still alive. couldn't even see the chicago skyline. toured a number of schools like i was searching for a college, notre dame, cornell and ithaca. did lots of walking, uphills, downhills and through gorges. watched the entire series of freaks and geeks, which i could prolly write a whole post about. perhaps i'll do that sometime. all in all, it was a fun adventure with my sister. gotta get on my flight now though, here at the quaint little ithaca airport. they scanned my computer, it's not a bomb.