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October 30, 2007

sleeping pinky

my right pinky has been sleeping all day while i've been working. i wish it could be the other way around. my pinky has been as productive as pinky, the lab rat, on pinky and the brain. it seems that whenever my finger is being weird, i'm reminded of pinky and the brain.

i got a lab rat once in 5th grade. and his name was pinky. i won him from a class drawing. my mom signed a permission form assuming i'd never win. little did she know that none of the other kids were able to get the form signed. so i won by default.

i had pinky for a while, he grew big and fat. he'd sit on my shoulder and freak out my mom with his huge pink tail. but one day, pinky got a little feisty and he tried to eat my finger. that was the last straw. i brought him to the pet store and traded him for a couple dog bones for my new pet nacho.

when pet's get put down the saying is that you're putting them to sleep. much like how my finger is sleeping. a finger that pinky once bit. so it would seem to come full circle to say that pinky was put to sleep that day. but really, he was fed to a snake.

October 24, 2007

the sky is falling

it looks like dinosaurs were wiped out by a giant meatball turd falling from the sky.

October 17, 2007

buy my book

the bus was packed yesterday on my way home. i found a seat next to a taller, slightly chubby man. he was reading a book. since i rarely read on the bus, my eyes tend to wander. they wandered into his book. i read the chapter title at the top of the page, "improving self-esteem," or something like that. it must be a self help book. as the bus flew over the uneven road it gently shook his arms in the air enough for me to see the cover. it was a book called Success Is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life. this guy must be trying to get ahead in life. he yawned. i was grossed out. i knew an easier way this guy could find more success, and i don't need an entire book to explain it to him. just two words: breath mint.

i moved to another seat as soon as one became available.

October 14, 2007

snap, crackle, pop

an autumn walk around the lake this weekend reminded me of the beauty in life. summer's full of sweating and winter's full of shivering. but autumn, it's just right like baby bear's porridge. i get to wear my favorite hoodie and i'm comfortable. the trees are painted with warm colors. and the leaves pile up on the ground. i still feel the urge to jump in the piles as if i were a little kid. i restrain myself though and settle with crunching them as i walk. leaves are like rice krispies for your feet.

October 10, 2007

music to sleep with

i've been busy writing a lot at work. which always results in a lack of blog writing. one can only write for so long before the carpel tunnel kicks in. actually i self diagnosed my carpel tunnel as a foosball injury. given that i had been playing at least 3 games a day at work and 2 games a day at home. being busy with work also means that one of the best times to write blogs is before bed. and that's what time it is, bedtime. so here's some music i sleep with.

unwed sailor: back in the summer of 2003 i made an amazing trip out to cornerstone festival. the unwed sailor set was in the middle of a hot sunny day. but the audience was shaded by a large tent. i was exhausted from a mosh pit, and just crashed in the grass while listening to the unwed sailor set. now whenever i hear it, i'm brought back to that summer day in the grass and i crash just the same.

sigur ros: i first heard of sigur ros in my freshman year of college. but i didn't start sleeping with them until this past spring. i had just finished driving people home in the punk rock van from a church spring retreat. driving and the retreat made me tired. hope was the last person i was dropping off, and i stuck around for dinner with her and riley. the spring breeze was blowing through the window, and sigur ros was playing on the computer. i just passed out. on the couch. some time passed. hope and riley yelled at me until eventually i woke up. they fed me hot dogs. it was great.

the winston jazz routine: just their name practically puts me to sleep, it's so beautiful. i just discovered this band a couple months ago and i'm glad i did. no real memorable story yet except that they sing me to sleep almost every night.

hopefully this music will help others sleep too. goodnight.

October 4, 2007


lately i've been flashing the peace sign like i'm in a peace gang, and i have no idea why.