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March 30, 2008

knock, knock. who's there? george killan's cardboard cutout.

george killian's cardboard cutout who?

umm, that's it. it's not a knock knock joke. it's just a cardboard cutout tom got from work. he lives with us now. and while he's not a knock knock joke, he is a practical joke. tom and i like to hide him in unexpected places to catch each other off guard. i get home from work, open the door, and george is staring me right in the face. needless to say, my heart stopped for a lil bit. so i decide to get tom back. i sneak george outside his bedroom door in the middle of the night so that he greets tom in the morning. instead george spooked tom while he was on his way to a midnight pee. luckily he held it in. george doesn't only live indoors. one night when i got home, i opened the backyard gate to see george waiting for me. i just bout knocked george's head off. sometimes george backfires. tom hid him the other night in the kitchen, then in the middle of the night he went down for a water, but forgot he left george there. tom thought the large dark figure was a burglar, before remembering that's where he left george.

george is a fun new roommate.

March 25, 2008

stuffing my guns

putting on my shirt was a little difficult this morning. but i just assumed it was because i was too tired to move. my roommate said i looked like crap, only he used a different word for it. my eyes were bloodshot. sometimes it's hard to sleep when your mind doesn't want to. anyways, back to the shirt situation. so i get to work, and notice my right bicep is extra big. not in a strong way though, more of a squishy way. i reach up my sleeve and pull out a sock. hello mr sock. i thought about putting him back in my sleeve to continue looking buff. but i decided to postpone the gun show for the next laundry day.

March 21, 2008


Jesus is everywhere, even atop my pencil.

March 15, 2008

smiles are free

March 9, 2008

spring melts snow

what good is a flower without a nose?

March 7, 2008


all the days this week have blurred into one.