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June 24, 2008

i love caffeine, but my heart hates it

next to perhaps milk, my favorite thing to drink is pop. the waiting staff at keys cafe know that i always want a cherry coke. my blog derived part of it's name from pepsi twist. even the dentist says that since i drink it, it's best to chug it. (this lessens the time your teeth are exposed to the acidic ingredients.)

i've developed a little bit of an addiction to the caffeinated concoction. i was at the grocery store checkout with a 24 pack of mountain dew. the checkout lady said, "you can get a 2nd 24 pack for half off, and then a 12 pack for free." 60 cans of pop? sign me up. at 3-5 cans a day, i can easily tear through that. especially when chugging like the dentist prescribed.

my heart has worked so hard loving pop, that it hurts. for reals. i started to notice every time i drank pop, my heart would flutter, in a bad skipping a beat sort of way. rather than going to the doctor for an EKG, i self diagnosed myself on webmd. too much caffeine it said. and since my heart is a vital organ, i've decided to cut back. once my final 24 pack is empty i'll give it up completely. with the exception of the occasional beverage while eating out. things like this make me feel old.

a heart with a twist of lemon, indeed.

June 18, 2008

this happens all the time

June 12, 2008

cloudy head

lately i've been noticing how nice stormy clouds look on a sunny day.

June 5, 2008

birdman on the bus

i was so entertained by this guy on the bus this morning that i had to draw him as soon as i got to work. he was very lanky, his pants were too short, and his head looked like it belonged to a bird. the best part about this guy though was his laughing. but it wasn't lol (laugh out loud) laughing, it was loq (laugh out quiet) laughing. something on his ipod was making him make the motions of laughter, without the sounds. he even threw in a few knee slaps. i had to try and avoid staring and laughing too hard myself. it was a great start to my day.

June 3, 2008

funtastic firearms

my little cousin kaitlyn is 5 years old. we went to the park the other day. after some intense swinging and tornado sliding, we started a squirtgun fight. it was extremely one sided, as i was unarmed. luckily my legs move faster than hers. after she shot me dead with about 50 water bullets, she decided to move onto another target. in her innocent 5 year old voice she said: "let's go home and shoot the house! then it'll explode. it'll be funtastic."