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July 30, 2008

elevator padding: that's comforting

yes, i know. another elevator story.

i walked into the elevator. it looked funny inside. there was padding all along the walls. like the kind of stuff you cover a piano with when you need to put it in a moving truck.

there was 2 mechanic looking fellows on the vator. perhaps they could clarify things for me.

"what's with the padding?"

"soundproofing. this way you don't hear all the noises when the elevator is malfunctioning."

now if i were someone with an elevator phobia, i may have punched him in the stomach. but i don't fear disasters.

i always think about them though. car crashes, getting shot, elevators falling, etc. some may say, "too many video games." it's just have an over active imagination. disasters just happen to be one of my imagination destinations.

so knowing all that, his comment didn't really phase me.

i replied, "yeah, and if the elevator falls, maybe this padding will act like an air bag. cushion the fall a bit."

and then the elevator crashed.

well not really, but it would have been good timing for it.

July 27, 2008

it's just not the same

about a month ago, i stopped buying pop.

i kept buying some other things though. things like doritos and frozen pizza. usually i scarf that kind of food down no problem. but now there's a problem. they don't taste as good without pop. the doritos are really dry and the pizza keeps burning my mouth. well the pizza always burned my mouth, but somehow the caffeine made it better.

apparently junk food doesn't wash down very well without a junk beverage.

boo to that.

July 24, 2008

the girl with no name

this is about a pretty girl. that's a good way to start a story.

we ride the same bus. when she gets on, we exchange smiles. downtown we get off at the same stop.

sometimes we make small talk. things like, where we work, what we did last weekend, the weather and stories about other bus passengers. the small talk always ends as we each go our separate ways to work.

but i don't know her name. sure there are those times where you meet someone, and later forget their name. then you feel like you're past the point of re-asking their name, cause you'd feel rude. so you hope to catch their name amongst casual conversation. or even introduce them to another friend and let them introduce themselves to said friend. it all gets confusing, but this isn't like that.

this is simpler than that. we've talked a lot, just never about our names. we've never introduced ourselves.

it's kind of a fun thought. how well can you get to know somebody before actually knowing their name?

we'll see.

July 18, 2008

sesame street is so hip and trendy

July 11, 2008

peaceful like a thunderstorm

thunderstorms are a weird thing. the sky is filled with chaos. and yet it puts my mind at ease.

a thunderstorm following an intimate performance by jon foreman is like a double dose of mind ease pills. if there were such a thing.

jon foreman is the wonderful voice of switchfoot. a band that i have seen on a number of occasions. every time i saw them, they packed large venues, like the quest club, the state fair grandstand and probably the most random of them all, a college gymnasium.

he writes lyrics that inspire me. they lift my spirits and offer hope, even in downer times. so when he put out 4 solo albums for the past year, one for every season, i bought each and every one.

then this morning i received an email. jon foreman was playing a free acoustic set. not at a huge venue like he does with switchfoot. but at a small coffee shop in st paul. it was nice that there was not hundreds of screaming girls. i think there was probably less than a hundred people. it was like i was back in high school, watching a friends band at a local venue. only jon sings much better than any high school band i could remember. and he's a little more successful.

but this huge rock star is one of the most humble guys ever. it was just jon, his guitar, his harmonica and a cello player. the set list was written by the people sitting in the front row. and he was the opening act to a couple local bands.

it was all very beautiful. much like this thunderstorm that i'm going to go finish enjoying now.

July 5, 2008


i'm easily amused. which can be a bad thing.

when i have days off from work, it's easy for me to coop myself up in the house. there's plenty to do. play video games. watch the twins on tv. explore the vast expanse of the internets.

on saturday mornings, my new thing to do is watch the spectacular spider-man. there are a number of things that led to this decision. it's on tv about the same time i wake up. i like cartoons and comic book stories. but what really gets me about this show is the theme song. and since they play two episodes back to back, i get to listen to it twice every saturday. it''s overly poppy and overly catchy. the chorus (if a theme jingle can really have a chorus) goes like, "speck-tack-U-lar, speck-tack-U-lar spiderman (repeat)."

when i finally decided to uncoop myself from the house and enjoy the sunshine, i couldn't shake the song. i walked to lake harriet to finish a book i had been reading. as i traded smiles with every passer-byer, i quietly sang to myself, "speck-tack-U-lar, speck-tack-U-lar spiderman." some people didn't smile back, they need to watch more saturday morning cartoons to brighten their day a little.

i found a nice bench on the northeast corner of the lake to sit and read my book. i had to get past the east side of the lake. the east side of the lake smells like a turd on sunny days. i've been told it's due to the lake turning over or something, i didn't completely get it. i just knows it smells like a turd. and i can't read a book in a turd smelling spot. so i sat and read my book in a sunny spot that was turd free.

i kind of forget where i was going with this, but i finished the rest of my book and walked home. even after reading the final chapters of blue like jazz, i still had the "speck-tack-U-lar, speck-tack-U-lar spiderman" song stuck in my head.

July 2, 2008

sun block SPF: in your face

i saw a lot of cool clouds before watching the movie hancock for my brothers birthday tonight. go cloudy head go.