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August 27, 2008

make an effort

the agency i work at has created some work in preparation for the republican national convention in minneapolis. it's meant as "a creative effort, designed to encourage Twin Cities residents to be gracious hosts for our visitors, and for Twin Citians find ways to get involved in the many activities which will be going on in town during the Convention."

check it out here.

i was not on the creative team that developed this idea, but you will see cameo appearances by me in a couple of the executions. like the back of my head in the wally the beer man print ad and me running and then sitting on a picnic blanket in the background of the park spot. i was also casted for the pin spot but was beat out at the last minute by a more tattooed fellow.

in other agency news, one of my tv spots is up on the agency website. it's called "crash," check it out. you can also find it in the work section of the make website under the name "healthy options".

August 19, 2008

burger king

some kid posted an ad i wrote up on youtube.

and another kid pooped on it and made it crazy cause they hated it so much. pretty funny.

August 18, 2008

traffic watch

this is a guy i see every morning. he's always plopped on the cement arm of his aparment entryway. his legs crossed awkwardly. smoking a pipe or a cigar. watching the morning rush hour pass by.

i drew this with pen and paper, and colored it in with the computer. i was trying something new and failed. the drawing looks like trash. i'm sorry i was not able to capture the majesty of this guy.

the traffic watcher:

August 5, 2008

cloudy head is back, sort of