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September 30, 2008

the most heartbreaking $5 i've ever lost

no it's not money lost in the recent economic downturn. it's money i lost in a bet.

it was somewhat of a joke bet. to prove my stubborn minnesota sports fan optimism. it was a bet tom and i made before the baseball season even started. the twins had shipped off johan santana and torii hunter. every sports writer was predicting that the twins would finish last or second to last in the division. no one gave them a chance. except for me.

i bet tom $5 that the twins would make the playoffs. tom gladly took the bet, saying "the twins will be so far out of the race by the all-star break, it won't even be funny." the only funny thing that happened at the all star break was that the twins were still in it. and after the twins swept the sox at home last week, moving them into first place, i was almost sure the $5 was mine.

the race was too close, and it ended in a tie. so they had to play a tiebreaker. one lousy coin flip decided that the twins (who lead the season series against the sox) had to play in chicago. one lousy homerun was all they needed to win. and losing $5 isn't what really hurts. tom and i always make stupid sports bets like that. we bet on how many career 3 pointers david robinsion and shaq made.

actually i'm not going to say more on how it hurts. i'm just going to say that i despise, i loathe, i hate the chicago white sox. and i hope the tampa bay rays dominate them.

September 25, 2008

jonas brothers part 2

the brothers posted the video in hi res to their youtube channel. this means a lot more hits and a lot more comments. over 100,000 hits in less than a day already. check it:

September 21, 2008

adidas gazelle

adidas makes shoes. shoes are for your feet. back in grade school, i liked wearing adidas gazelles. gazelles are like really fast deer, a scientist on discovery channel told me that. lions eat gazelles. if i were a gazelle, i'd be lion food. mufasa would tear me apart, if he wasn't run over by a stampede. lions prey on the weak gazelle. i jacked up my foot (which adidas makes shoes for) friday. so i'd be a weak gazelle, and the lion would easily catch me. roommate tom and my mom both challenged me to a race, because they see my limp, just like lions would. still following this? neither am i.

here's what happened. i was running down some stairs friday, wearing sandals. i rolled my foot. the doctor thought it was fractured. they x-rayed and found out it was just a sprain. that's because i drink more milk than my car drinks gas. so my bones are unbreakable, like bruce willis on the movie unbreakable. ok, i'm starting to stray from the story again. i'm glad i'm not a gazelle.

September 14, 2008

caffeine: a cure for bear disease?

it's been over two months now since i last bought pop for my house. my heart has stopped skipping beats. but now i'm tired all the time. it's like my body is ready to hibernate. maybe i have bear dna. that'd be pretty sweet. all my business cards already say "david will maul your face off!" caffeine must have been repressing the bear gene in me. maybe i should go live with bears. that guy on the grizzly man documentary lived with bears. funniest documentary ever. spoiler alert, he gets eaten by bears in the end. all because he quit drinking caffeine. true story.

September 11, 2008

jonas brothers

here's a project i worked on with the jonas brothers and burger king. it was made to play before their shows. as you can see this was recorded by some kid at the show, so the beginning is cut off. if you want to see the full thing sometime in high quality, come talk to me.

and at a different show:

kids on youtube are enjoying this one a lot more than the pokemon spot i worked on, with comments like, "luv it the should play it on tv !!!!" and "I love how everyone just started singing along! hahahah I was there. BEst night of my life!! :]"

September 5, 2008

religion and politics

i was going to write something like this, but then i found out someone already wrote it. it's from decapolis, a site i read regularly. written by a man named conrad tolosa:

Annoyed at people who like the other candidate or party

I've heard it from Christians on both sides, "How could a Christian be a ________ (fill in the blank with Democrat or Republican)?" and they seriously get upset at people who don't believe as they do. They think that the other side is so obviously wrong, that you have to be an idiot or immoral to believe that side.

So let me just get to the point here. Christ had his political view, the Pharisees and the Romans soldiers had theirs. He wasn't all like, "Oh geez, they're totally dumb." Christ forgave them.

I always harp on the fruit of the spirit on how we should act in any situation. If people you know believe something dumb, weird or wrong - well which one of the fruit of the spirit is annoyance or anger? Love would have you feel compassion for them first for believing something dumb, weird or wrong. And that's even assuming they are wrong, and you in your amazing wisdom perfectly understand the world and how it runs.

There's not a whole lot of love in political debates amongst Christians is there? And if it's not showing the fruit of the spirit, it's not glorifying to God, which means we should just shut up until we can show love in that situation.

Another point about Christianity and politics - it doesn't matter what government we live in, democrat, republican, communist, totalitarian - you and I have to be like Christ under whatever government we live under. It's not like you and I are more glorifying to God cause we live in a democratic society versus some persecuted Christian living in a communist country.

Too many times Christians find lines of division rather than finding what unifies us. And what unifies us is Christ.

So during this election season, treat each other with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

I am Conrad, and I approved this message. This message paid for by the Citizens For Bacon with Every Meal.

sonic drive in

after years of being teased with sonic commercials, i finally got my first taste of sonic today. i also got my second, third, fourth and fifth taste today. as every unavoidable burp sent the taste shooting right back up into my mouth. and let me tell you, the chili cheese dog tastes just as good the fifth time as it did the first. i may have to visit sonic more often over the work lunch hour.

September 1, 2008

chainsaw bugs

it's the end of summer. and the chainsaw bugs are in full force. they might actually be chainsaw birds. i don't know what makes the sound. but it's an intense buzzing, that circles around you. sometimes it sounds like it's flying right over your head. i remember hearing them as a child and thinking that someone was chainsawing (funny verb) a tree down somewhere. now that i'm older, i know it's just a chainsaw bug. or bird.