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October 27, 2008

million dollar ideas aren't all they're cracked up to be

i almost was going to the super bowl. almost.

this past summer, the entire creative floor at the ad agency i work at was told that one of our clients had bought a :30 spot during the super bowl. a copywriters dream. everyone watches the super bowl for the ads. the rest of the year, people usually get annoyed by the ads. or fast forward through them with tivo. heck, even i do that. (although i also watch ads online).

i was determined to write the winning spot. all the creatives scattered to develop their ideas. over 100 ideas got cut down to 50 ideas. 50 ideas got cut down to 13. and my partner and i still had 2 remaining in the 13. 13 got cut down to 5. 5 got cut down to 3. and one of our ideas was in the top 3. the hope was to produce all three spots then run the one that turns out best during the super bowl.

a hollywood costume designer went to work on exploring costume options for our spot. there was whisperings that it had the potential to be the next geico caveman, or even the king of burger king. estimates came back on the cost of our idea, over a million dollars. the client wasn't ready to sink that much money into one spot. and so the million dollar idea died.

but this is the kind of stuff i have to get used to in the ad industry. the optimism i have for the world outside of advertising is vast, but within it, my optimism is guarded at best.

with all that said, i still enjoy it.

October 14, 2008

this is not a blog entry

sorry. work has been dominating me. hopefully i'll have something to show for my hard work eventually.

October 6, 2008

nintendo DS

it's only october, but i've already decided what my best purchase has been this year. a nintendo DS. it's part nostalgia, but more so, it's just fun.

the nostalgia bit comes into play from a Christmas in my youth. i just unwrapped a new nintendo game boy. the old school, ginormous grey brick kind. i also received two games, tetris and mario 2. when i think of every Christmas gift, or any gift for that matter, that i've ever received, that game boy is the most memorable. don't judge me, it's a good gift. i played it for hours. for better or worse, Christmas with the family had become Christmas with the game boy. i even remember a rechargeable battery i received, that was almost as big as the game boy. that was fun.

and now, the nintendo ds. i had been mulling over this for a while. i mean, it seemed practical for me. i ride the bus a lot, it'd give me something to do. even if people tag me as being immature for playing video games, they're just jealous cause they want to be playing too. but that's what put me over the edge. seeing my peers playing. everyone at work got one. so i had to get one too. peer pressure. but so worth it. i don't even want to know how many hours i've already logged on it.

if anyone wants to play me wirelessly on mario kart, send me your friend code.