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November 29, 2008

thanks and giving

thanksgiving is done.

and i have a lot to be thankful for. my family. a sweet job. a great church home. an awesome place to live with an awesome roommate. my DVR. my nintendo DS.

immediatly following the thanksgiving season, comes the giving season. or buying season. or getting season.

every christmas, i'm asked, "what do you want for christmas?"

it was an easy question when i was a kid. just open up the toy catalog and start pointing. but the past few christmases have been a little tougher. maybe it's just me, but as i get older, i just start wanting more practical things. like socks. or the electrical toothbrush i got last year.

but as i started to think of all the things i was thankful for, i realized i take a lot of things for granted. like clean water. i drink it all the time. i shower in it. i used to fill super soakers with it. i even go to the bathroom in it. but there are a lot of people without it.

suddenly i was bombarded by information about organizations that build wells so people can drink clean water. i read about charity water, in relevant magazine. then it came up in a book i was reading. followed by an article in the NY times while i was out in LA. then a friend of mine blogged about it. then i came across an organization called advent conspiracy, which supports living water international, which is a partner of charity water.

it might just be like when you think you see a lot of jeeps around. but really they were always around, but you just notice them more since you are thinking about it.

even if that were the case, i still think that money that could be spent on gifts for me, would be better spent on clean water for those without it.

so if you were thinking of giving me a gift for christmas. please donate your money to living water or charity water instead.

November 23, 2008

i sort of won a billboard music award

so the jonas brothers + burger king video i was the writer for prompted people to vote for them for the Billboard Concert and Marketing Promotion Award. And the results are in.

The Jonas Brothers Burger King-sponsored "Burning Up Tour" won the second annual Concert Marketing & Promotion Award, which was determined by more than 100,000 online votes at Billboard's websites, according to a press release.

here's a picture of me with the brothers. i'm the one wearing the mask, since i didn't really care that i was meeting them.

November 16, 2008

is he dead?

last night, my roommate went to bed sounding like death. coughing and hacking.

i went to bed quite a bit later than him and i still heard him. coughing and hacking.

this morning i woke up, or rather this afternoon i woke up, for 1pm is no longer morning. and i heard no coughing and hacking. i notice his car is still outside, so i figure he's still home.

his bedroom door is closed, which is always open when he's gone. he must be sleeping in too. that'll be good for his sickness.

hours pass, and i still hear nothing from him. so i send him a text message, "are you home?"

no response, he must still be sleeping. another 30 minutes or so pass, and i try to call him. no response. at this point i start to wonder how i'd react to finding my roommate dead. i'm pretty good at not stressing, but i think finding someone dead might push my limits.

i knock on his door. no response. i open the door, and much to my relief, he's not even there. a short while later, i get a text from him, "i was at a play."

i guess some people get up before 1pm.

i told this story to someone, they said that i watch too much tv. i think my mind just naturally wanders like that.

k, goodnight.

November 15, 2008


i just got back from LA. it's freezing here in minnesota. it was nice wearing flip flops all of last week though. here's some crappy pictures i took. i'm not big on taking pictures.

hollywood is a dump, so i just took a picture of the sidewalk. the rest of hollywood is wig shops and costume stores and tourists. i think it's my least favorite part of LA.

beverly hills was too rich for my blood. and too blurry for my camera.

and of course, i always find dinosaurs.

November 10, 2008

turns out

mile high kart made us all air sick. yet we still played the entire flight. a semi-success.

November 8, 2008

mile high kart

tomorrow i leave on a plane for LA. but this flight's going to be historic.

our company only allows a max of 5 people on a plane. the 4 other people i'm flying with, all happen to have a DS. with mario kart.

we're going to connect wirelessly with each other to play kart for the four hour flight.

mile high kart.

yes, i act like a child. it's more fun that way.

November 3, 2008

dentists invented vampires

now hear me out.

every 6 months, i go to the dentist. this thursday is one of those visits. which means that i've started flossing. it's always a desperate attempt to try and fool the dentist into thinking that i floss year round. and it never works.

every time i floss, my poor defenseless gums bleed. which means i can taste a mix of mint toothpaste, cinnamon floss and bloody blood. vampires like the taste of blood. dentists like flossing. flossing results in tasting blood. and if A=B and C=D and B=C then A=D, which obviously means that dentists invented vampires.

that's also why they invented toothpaste and mouth wash. to kill garlic breath.

on a side note, blood is a weirdly spelled word. it looks like it would be pronounced blue-da. it should be spelled, blud, kind of like thud, or elmer fudd. i bet he's a vampire too. a rabbit vampire. which is a vampire who likes rabbit blood. not to be confused with a rabid vampire, one who likes blood infected with rabies. not to be confused with babies. but there are no baby vampires, because they have no teeth. which brings us back to dentists.

you need teeth to be a vampire. and dentists protect teeth. if they let all the teeth die, vampires would die too.

i rest my case.