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April 28, 2009

everybody panic! it's the swine flu!

stuff the media hypes up often gets out of control.

my mom sent me an email with the subject: "CDC Warning: How you catch Swine Flu..."

i thought she was being a overly worried mother, as most mothers are, until i opened the email.

she wrote "Try to remember this, okay? ;)"

then there was the email she forwarded: "Tell your kids. CDC Warning: ***DO NOT DO THIS!!!***"

and finally, the picture:

April 20, 2009

dropping the ball

another ad league bowling season is over. we did much better than last year. last year we didn't even make the playoffs. this year we ended the regular season in 5th place out of 42 teams. then in the first round of the playoffs we had to play the other campbell mithun team. the team that probably takes bowling a little more seriously than we do. the winner of the best of three advances. we lost the first game. then came back and won the next two. it was a very intense emotional victory. and traditionally teams don't bounce back well after those sorts of victories.

tonight was the next round. only 16 teams remained and it was single elimination. not good for our team since we always start slow. halfway through the game we were up by 30 pins. but then things started going downhill. we ended up losing by 40 pins. perhaps the worst part of that is that i bowled my worst game of the season, 40 pins below average. the other worst part might have been some dude's plumbers crack on the other team, which was probably the cause of my poor showing.

despite the loss. team FDR did way better this year than i was expecting. it's too bad it had to end like that though. it's kind of how it always ends for the minnesota sports teams i look up to. here's to next year. and on a side note, go twins!

April 7, 2009

sometimes i take useless mtg notes

April 2, 2009

gourmet pb&j

this is a $20 pb&j sandwich i ate in beverly hills. made with organic peanut butter and homemade jelly. served with strawberries, peanut brittle and cotton candy. when i'm on production, i don't have to pay for food. while most people get a nice steak or exotic sushi, i opt for the pb&j. i mean how often can you say you've eaten a gourmet pb&j? i think i can die happy now.

oh and john oliver from the daily show can die happy too. because he was sitting at the table next to me, saw my gourmet pb&j. and ordered one of his own. ryan seacrest can't die happy, because he was sitting two tables down from me, and he did not get the pb&j. and all the model ladies he was hanging out with made him look really short.

but honestly, it was not worth $20. it just tasted like a normal sandwich. i mostly liked it because a gourmet pb&j is an oxymoron. something fancy, yet something plain.