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May 9, 2009

5 years

that's how long the lemon twisted heart blog has been around. and i forgot it's birthday once again. how could i forget? at least i'm not going to forget that it's mother's day tomorrow. in honor of the day, i give you, mr t:

phil collins and pom poms

just south of the minneapolis institute of art i was almost run over by a living piece of art. there was this hippie fellow, wearing an american flag bandanna atop his head, and colored sunglasses on his face. his bicycle had pom poms on the handle bars, and a pink boombox strapped to the front blasting phil collins music.

he was most likely strung out on something as he sort of wobbled across the street on his bicycle. he ignored the do not walk signal, and biked right in front of a cop car, then he almost crashed into me.

the police officer rolled down his window and yelled at him, "hey there! watch where you're going!"

he kept wobbling down the sidewalk and yelled back, "i'm going to the library!"

May 5, 2009

alcohol makes the world a better place