September 5, 2005

rock and roll summer ends with a bang

the last day of the minnesota state fair, the last day of summer ends with a bang or two or three, or an entire fireworks display. but more importantly is what came before that, an evening with switchfoot! they rocked out as usual, with jon's vocals soaring into the crowd. he himself worked his way behind the crowd to the grandstand so all the people way in the back would not feel so far away. some highlights of the show include roommate tom catching a free shirt from the state fair mascot, poparazzi girls trying to take random pictures of tom and i, and finally me being crowd surfer police. switchfoot is not exactly the type of music to mosh to, and for that matter crowd surf to so people around me were getting annoyed, when one surfer was catching a wave towards me i gave one good shove into the air and they went higher than normal making it impossible for people to cathch them, so down they went. wipe out followed by high fives.

the rock and roll.
the fireworks.
the grand finale.
of summer.

May 17, 2005

and then $7 found me (breathless)

i have on the rare occasion advertised things on this little site, and here comes yet another. but since i do it for free i guess it is more of an endorsement.

i consider myself to be relatively well versed in beautiful musical tastes. well at least according to myself. some music i listen to many people have heard of, while other music may be considered indie or underground. but regardless of what type of music you like, i can almost guarantee that you will like what i have just found.

for only $7 (+ shipping) i bought a cd called The Dark Forest. it is a rock opera and it has the most magnificent mixture of both female and male vocals backed by a strong (emulated) orchestra. for $7 you get 9 songs (46:07) that tell a complete story. it has two acts and it moves along so smoothly. it is a wonderful break from traditional sounding (boring) music. and now that i have used a plethora of parentheses, i will tell you where you can pick up a copy of this beautiful music. and for only $7, even if you don't like it you won't be out that much cash, but you will like it!

buy it here!

May 9, 2005

highlighters reach new lows as they become too light

i am in the middle of writing my last paper of the semester. or rather in the middle of reading for it. like always, i have started this quest on the night before it is due. i stay awake as the sun sleeps. 9 papers in the second half of this semester, all of which have been at least 5 pages in length. all written upon the height of my creativty--->late night crunch time. some may wonder how i always manage to accomplish this great feat of composing magnificent papers the night before. i will highlight some of my secrets for you:

a pink headband: good for catching sweat, and keeping the long hair out of my eyes when reading or writing. with no more intramural soccer to get use out of the contraption, i figure i use it for something. and i think it helps in keeping my head focused by holding everything in.

caffeine: when my eyes start to droop, i find some caffeine to prop open my windows to the world.

downtime: it is always good to take a few breathers here and there. after reading a paragraph or writing a sentance or two, i always find it helpful to call a time out and simply do nothing.

read then write: i have gotten through my stacks of paper by skimming the required reading (which i never read throughout the semester when i am supposed to), highlighting passages that sound relavent to the paper topic. develop a clever title to the paper, followed by a thesis, then begin throwing in the highlighted quotes as supports.

crazy music: some fast music that improves writer morale assists one once they reach the writing stage. when accompined by the air guitar or pencil and pen drumming, excess energy is built up for keyboard tapping. this is discouraged when still in the reading stage as ones mind tends to linger off on the lyrics of the song rather than the words in the literature. when one needs to rock and roll all night, it is important to have the soundtrack to back up the action.

competetive paper writing: i have found that one of the most effective tools in writing a paper is when a roommate also has a paper. in this case you must make it a race. this may lessen the quality but it increases the speed. and in the end, the only important part is that you have a paper to turn in. because a grade is way better than no grade.

but why have i ceased my paper writing process to write this when it is my last paper of the semester? a number of reasons actually. the last paper of the spring semester is always hardest to write since summer's liberating rays are near. it is hard to keep coming up with words to fill up papers week after week. i have an over zealous roommate who pressured me to write a blog over continuing with my studies.

but most of all it is due to the fact that two of my highlighters have died out. they have been through a lot this semester and it seems as though they finally hit their limit. first neon orange, then neon green now i will continue with pink. like my headband.

March 11, 2005

long live the king!

what once was two fish, became one when the light of sundown to midnight's life was extinguished. and now what once was one fish has now become none as king tobias has bubbled his last bubble. his passing was very sudden unlike that of sundowns. he will be flushed with 24 by switchfoot playing during his fishy funeral, as is tradition for the passing of all fish.

sometime over break we will start a brand new colony.

February 2, 2005


"Twenty-four oceans
With twenty-four hearts
All of my symphonies
With twenty-four parts
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty-four hours ago
Still I'm singing 'Spirit,
take me up in arms with You'
I'm not copping out
Not copping out."


this was the song that tom and i buried sundown to midnight to. he stopped his tricks. i grabbed a red plastic cup, scooped him out, and took him outside. he was buried in the snow and given a rock as a tombstone. king tobias is a lonely fish now.

January 4, 2005

mr. brightside

what better way to start 2005, than with a painting. paintings are always good for explaining the way i feel. the thought of this one hit my head as i was listenin to the radio {drive 105} and caught drift of the killers new single mr brightside. it was not the lyrics that inspired me, but rather just the idea of a mr. brightside, or someone who always remains positive. i figured he would be a sun.

on the outside, the sun shines glorious splendor to those that surround it.
on the inside, the sun is a huge storm of nuclear fusion.
on the brightside, the sun looks good in a suit.

December 8, 2004

So smurf yourself a grin!

what time am i supposed to go to bed?
sunday night: i went to bed monday morning 9.30am woke up 1.30pm.
monday night: went to bed at 7.30pm woke up 7.30am
tues night: went to bed 4.30am woke up 10 am.
tonight: my body is too confused to figure out how to sleep, so i typed up this pointless little chart. sweet man.

ok time to go do more pointless things. perhaps watch boomerang, a sweet channel with old cartoons like the smurfs, scooby doo, GI Joe, the Snorks with limited commercials. all thanks to the cable box. we also have fuse now, a music channel that actually plays music videos, go figure. AND ESPN news, 24 hour sportscenter pretty much. josephine LOVES that channel. or maybe i will learn some things on one of the numerous discovery channels, or catch som disney cartoons on the bazillion disney channels.

now i have another pick up line to get the ladies over.
old pick up line: 'i have super nintendo'
new pick up line: 'want to come watch the smurfs on boomerang?'

La la la-la la la,
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la,
Smurf your whole day long.

December 5, 2004

wasting my words!

each letter i type here is one more letter i could be typing for my 8+ page paper due in a day and a half which i have yet to start, nor understand {what kind of paper requires you to include a glossary, this one}.

but i am procrastinating here by typing about how i procrastinated on another adventure with my roommates thomas and josephine...

it all began with taking out the trash, we realized we only had one garbage bag remaining, so being that it was 8.15 we decided it a good time to go to target. target is full of impulse buys, so i picked up 3 new cds which i have not done in a while so i figure it kosher.

i am now indulging myself in this self-indulgence purchase by listening to my chemical romance, followed by straylight run, and finally the yeah, yeah, yeahs. all sound to be promising buys.

and now that i have furthered my dedication to procrastination with pointless words, it is time to tackle this paper. and i will probably tackle it as well as the vikings defense {that means horribly to those who do not follow football}.

down, set, go!

November 18, 2004

the day, the music died...

so i decided to take the music off this site. i think it may be annoying to some. if you want to listen to my music, you can just borrow my cds and jam out.
forever yours.

based on feedback of one, i have re added music, but it is an opt-in sort of deal, kind of like america's current organ donation system. this way if you are already listening to music you will not be interupted, but if you want to listen to some of my musics, then you can go on the side bar and click play.

October 23, 2004

one, two...

...three was the name of the first band at the show i attended tonight. they were incorrectly named. i would have named them four because they tried to make four genres of music fit together like a mishapen jigsaw puzzle. and just like a four piece jigsaw puzzle they sucked. their vocals were semi-coheed, their guitars were semi-classical spanish, their drums were semi-hardcore, their overall sound was semi-metallica, and together these four pieces were entirely (not semi wretched.

underoath was the reason for my presence at this show. i saw the end of their set at cornerstone a few summers back, but i did not endure the full experience until tonight. and i was blasted with veneration. with three blazing guitars, keyboards, a singing drummer, and screaming lead vocalist, they rocked harder than i could have expected from listening to their most recent cd, they're only chasing safety {which is also sweet awesome}. i bought a zip up hoodie bearing their name, and when i got home i went online and bought a shirt of theirs which was on clearance. they rocked me, so now i will rock their apparel.

coheed and cambria was the final act, i stayed for a few songs. i enjoy them but i can only stand his cartoon like voice for so long. they had a fancy schmancy light display, but my roommate josephine and i left before they finished their set. we already had our fill thanks to the wonderful experience that is underoath.

'I've been up at this all night long
I've been drowning in my sleep
I've prayed for your safe place
And its time for us to leave'

October 17, 2004


Matthew 5
29If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

here is my addition to this passage...
...if your roommates xBox causes you to play burnout 3 excessively, let him take it from the living room and throw it back in his own room. it is better for you to work partially on video games and partially on productive things than for your whole work to be thrown into video games.

this intervention from my roommate was needed as i have 4 midterms and a paper in the next two weeks.

ps-roommate tom reaches near death so i reach death cab for cutie
tom has had a fever for a few days now, it got up to 102 before the death cab show so i went as a proxy for him. {i was not planning on going as i am cutting back on my shows to pay rent, but we could not let this ticket go to waste}. This was the 5th or 6th time i have seen death cab, every time it has been at first avenue. the main difference i have noticed is the audience. we will call them transatlantians. these are people that have become fans with the release of death cab's most recent album transatlanticism. they are the ones that become fans after 'discovering' death cab on MTV subterranean, or hearing them on the OC. they are the ones that look confused as hell when death cab played a song from something about airplanes or even photo album, as if this 'new' band has a ton of 'new' material that they have not heard. sorry i do not mean to rant, i am glad they have fans, it is just hard for me to jam out when the place is sold out. the first time i saw death cab the place was half full. despite the masses, i still jammed out, because death cab is such pretty music. the first band though, travis morrison, i do not know what to think of them. the girl in that band danced like a cheerleader, i have nothing against cheerleaders, it is just that this kind of dancing did not fit the music. and the music had lots of keys. overall a sweet show, i had fun. i am taking tom to the hospital today if he is still feverish. and this long paragraph is done, and if you read it all i congradulate you. i would have lost my way in the jumble of letters numerous times.

pps-maybe i will write about my fake girlfriend annika olauson soon!
whom, by the way, was at the first death cab show i went to.

October 1, 2004

to better serve you.

i finally got my music situation so that music will now play on both internet explorer {which is good if you like spyware and boys with computer hacking skills} and firefox. firefox is great because it has pop-up blocker, it is more secure than explorer, plus you can browse with tabs, which makes things so easy! i recommend it.

Get Firefox!

also to the right you will now notice that people are talking. this is yet another way to help the interactivity. it shows the most 5 recent areas where comments were posted, so that you can add to the histeria.

and finally at the bottom of all the postings you will find links to the previous 10 entries, so you can access previous postings with more ease than browsing through the archives.

ctrl alt delete

August 15, 2004

{orchestrated olympic orchestra}

so while watching the olympics, i figured out what helps make the olympics seem so is their crazy placing of faces in shadows along with some huge orchestra hall ensamble of musical clamorings. throw in the rings with an emotional story of each athlete and what they went through, and the olympics has you like a fish, not a smart fish, but a fish that gets caught.

so i think when i become all rich and famous after making my amzing blockbuster movie The Box and creating a new political party called The Awesome Party, i will hire my own personal large orchestra to follow me and compose music to match my every movement all Fantasia style. every morning i wake up it would be all Rocky boxer style, and then when i am out on a date all smooth seducing style. and of course when i want to be majestic like the olympics they throw in a lot of horns and some rings {see fig. 1} and boom.

Figure 1: Some Rings...

it will be just like the old cartoons, like Tom and Jerry. i could start running for no reason at all, and boom they would have the running music, and then my hallways would just keep repeating themselves and go on forever. and then i would have some soothing music for when it is time to go back to bed, only to start out the next day once again with eye of the tiger.

and just like a musical masterpiece i will end with...


August 13, 2004

jam out to this...

i dont think i have put the format music on here yet, i don't know why?!?!

you all should do yourself a favor and pick up their album. it is called interventions and lullabies. and let me tell you i need some lullabies because i am getting a serious case of insomnia again. sometimes i just think wayyyy too much at night when i am sposed to be sleeping. boo! >_<

August 11, 2004

stabbed in the arm...

so looking back on my painting job, my fellow painters listened to a lot of rap. they would have outkast days, and kanye west days, and B96 days. mike he especially liked kanye west. mike is a good christian now, and back in HS he was stabbed in the arm with a knife during a fight. i saw the scar, pretty crazy. he said he pulled it out right away cause he didn't like the idea of having a knife stuck deep down into his bone. he went into a lot of detail of how he could see his muscles flex, like the actual muscles after he pulled out the knife. and how he lost 1/5th of his blood.

we obviously didnt have much in common seeing as he was a huge guy who has been stabbed and i am a scrawny kid yet to be in a fight. he likes mostly rap, i like mostly punk. so when we would talk for long periods of time it would either be about how much we hate painting or how much we love Jesus. Kanye West he has a good song that i actually enjoyed a lot because of the lyrics {plus it is catchy} called "jesus walks" {you kids may have seen it on MTV}. in this song he goes into how rappers should write some more meaningful songs than the typical sex and drugs ditty. and with clever lyrics like: "The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way yall need Jesus" how could you not like the song? anyways this song has been in my head forever.

check out the lyrics--->

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July 25, 2004

warped tour*

it was hot out. but i had some fun with my friends today. i felt a bit old though, i think that will be my last warped tour. the food was way too expensive, and everyone looked soo young. but i still had fun watching some bands. i always love me some musics. i wore sandals, cause i knew there would be no moshing for me, i think my body is too old for that now too. i was there to relzx and listen to some music. sandals are also easier to put on in the morning.

here are prolly the best pictures i took since they were at a smaller stage and it was easy to get close. this is noise ratchet. haven't heard of them? check 'em out, you'll prolly like 'em.

*this warped tour was made possible by my sister. who had to go to journalism camp instead and surrendered her ticket to me.

July 24, 2004


-underoath not playing the minnesota date of the warped tour
-girls feeling the need to lie
-no cereal in the house

July 20, 2004


i saw mae tonight. it was one of those early, super early shows. i am glad we finished painting the house early today so i could go home and shower paint off before the show. otherwise i was just planning on going covered in paint, and there were so many ultra clean people there, i would have felt extra dirty.
i also ran into lots of kids from the UofM {like andy and michael, and i met some girls who are going there next year}. plus my friend audrey whom i met at a pedro the lion show, she is super nice and beautiful. anyways, enough gibber jabber, here are some not so a-MAE-zing pictures i took.

good luck making them out.

after the show i talked to some of the band, and they were super nice, then i headed home cause my body aches from painting.

fun story, i know.

May 20, 2004

Dear (plural)

i will try to change the music on this little thing-a-ma-bobber every friday. but today is thursday, so you get it early. PLUS now you have the ability to stop the music if it annoys you, and i am sure that i will play some annoying music at times, just to keep things lively, like MAD DOG, Mark Madsen.

{for sports fans}
Why does kobe bryan get to be above the law? had this been an average person (one with average income), i believe he would be in a lot more trouble. i think there are too many pressures from the lakers, the nba and kobe's money for the colorado court system to force kobe from his game. to vent some of my frustrations about the lakers i have written some members of their team letters with love from me.

dear kobe-
there is a difference between thinking you have big balls, and having big balls. Sam Cassell has big balls, as evidence to the fact that he had to carry them down the court, baywatch style, after making a clutch shot in this years playoffs. you might as well just stay off the basketball court and stay in the colorado court because there is only enough room for one set of big balls in this series and that balls parking spot is reserved for mr sam cassell (muscle stim and all).

dear shaq-
one mad dog mark madsen is going to own you! we are going to pull out the secret weapon and slip him some caffeine and oh man you thought arms were everywhere before? Watch out for Mad Doggy-style!

dear gary payton and karl malone-
i remember you guys playing basketball back when i was in 6th grade and even long before then. you two seem to be older than the timberwolves own center, mr johnson. it will be a showdown of the oldies i guess.

dear phil-
your wins with the bulls were legit, but your wins with the lakers are just annoying. way to be the yankees of the nba.

dear sports commentators-
i truly hope the wolves beat the lakers, just to shut you all up. you never give the wolves the credit they deserve.

dear L.A. fans-
your orange glow makes me think you are knicks fans. why do you cheer for the lakers, when you have the Clippers?


ps-i will try to not constantly write about sports...but it will be a popular subject.


May 12, 2004

::for your listening pleasure::

i changed the music selection. i am not sure how often i will do this, but you will always be able to see what is playing on the side along with what has played previously. i think this will be a good way for new musics to be heard.
in other news...
if anyone knows where i should work this summer, let me know. i need some moneys!

i am going to watch the T'wolves now! hopefully they do not make my heart race like the other night. that was definatly more stressful than any of the finals i will be taking this week.

mmmmmmmmm...::THE END::

May 10, 2004

High school music...

I used to be in a band with my good friends Eric and Ryan. This band was called Touch, we were more about entertaining the audience than playing good music. Our band practices would consist of playing Ready 2 Rumble boxing on Ryan's Dreamcast. We put some songs up on the website so all could enjoy and laugh.
but then went defunct.
These folks sent an email saying that they were willing to recover our lost songs from, I figured what the heck, why not? It takes a while for the songs to actually transfer over, but currently Heeeee... is available for download.
What is nice about is that people give reviews of our music. They are mostly nice reviews too, like they like the song Heeeee... while I do agree it is catchy, I know we could have done better. But yeah anyways keep your eyes peeled for the return of other Touch songs, as well as PAJOICO! (put a jacket on, it's cold out).
::to be continued::

May 6, 2004

the sound of music...

i decided that this blog needed some atmosphere music, so i will try to change the music every once in a while. But ENJOY!

ps-i think it will only play if you have microsoft internet explorer, so netscape kids, sorry outta luck.