January 10, 2007

zombies love brainstorms

my brain works best at night. when most people would be walking zombies.

November 6, 2006

welcome to the future

November 2, 2006

goodbye dinosaur

September 29, 2006

shut your face!

my bus ride home was uglier than this painting. i can understand a quick little phone call. but this girl blabed on and on. she was loud, obnoxious and sitting right by me. whenever she laughed it sounded like she was having an asthma attack. and then it became contagious. since blabber mouth was so into her call, about 4 other people decided they needed to pull out their mobiles and call someone up. anyone. just so they can look important or something. seriously people, let's just do some text messaging action. you don't bother anyone. and instead of telling stupid 'fill in the awkward phone silence' stories you are forced to get the point across in 160 characters or less.

July 8, 2006

based upon actual events

this is the story of a boy and a girl. the two were very shy but every so often they would step out of their shells.

one day the boy and the girl discovered that they were both deeply in love with milk. so intense was this love that they decided to purchase a cow. the girl named the cow hidalgo and the two were content as they had fresh milk every day.

but hidalgo grew very shy as he was raised by a pair of introverts. the boy and girl could see the cow was growing sad and lonely. this was no good because the upset hidalgo made sour milk.

so the boy wandered into the forest and caught a bird, which he named kuzco. hidalgo and kuzco became great friends. kuzco would ride upon the back of hidalgo and hidalgo was no longer lonely.

the milk was better than ever. sometimes hidalgo even made chocolate milk. so the boy and girl were pleased. and everyone lived happily ever after.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

February 14, 2006

the classics

last year i provided a valentine for those who did not get one, or for those who wanted another one. i am providing this service once again. below is a painting i made when i was a lil sophmore in college. it still works well because i still have a faux hawk. save this one, it's a classic.

December 20, 2005

The Faux-hawk Collection

and for extra credit, i present...

title: the faux-hawk collection
artist: me
medium: spraypaint on cardboard
size: a little smaller than 4.5" x 5.5" (each)

November 25, 2005

Self-Portrait (Winter)

this self-portrait was made for my ArtS 1001 course. it is a reaction to previous works by warhol. it looks a gazillion times better in real life. unless you count my dinosaur shirt as a portrait, this is my first portrait of anything made using spraypaint.

Image hosted by

title: self-portrait (winter)
artist: me
medium: spraypaint on canvas
size: 8x10

October 5, 2005


August 26, 2005

welcome back paintbrush

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May 25, 2005

"don't you just love the sun, doesn't it make you feel good all over?"

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April 7, 2005

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can.

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March 18, 2005

know when to say no

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February 14, 2005

to: you! from: me!

if you did not get a valentine today, you can print this sweet painting off and put it up on your wall or something. even if you did get a valentine today, you can still print it off!


February 6, 2005

sometimes i don't like to go to sleep at night becuase i think about how i will be in the morning.

January 4, 2005

mr. brightside

what better way to start 2005, than with a painting. paintings are always good for explaining the way i feel. the thought of this one hit my head as i was listenin to the radio {drive 105} and caught drift of the killers new single mr brightside. it was not the lyrics that inspired me, but rather just the idea of a mr. brightside, or someone who always remains positive. i figured he would be a sun.

on the outside, the sun shines glorious splendor to those that surround it.
on the inside, the sun is a huge storm of nuclear fusion.
on the brightside, the sun looks good in a suit.

November 25, 2004

happy thanksgiving!

tonight, the sandman's job is made easier. and he is thankful.

November 5, 2004


October 26, 2004

2 down, 2 to go.

i have already had two midterms and one paper, and i have two more still. all within one week of each other.

October 18, 2004

kingdom of the dinosaurs!

earlier today in my copywriting class, we got this in-class assignment which my teacher put together real quick before class. (this picture is a recreation of the teachers picture)

here is what i wrote:

your parents are as old as dinosaurs.
they learned how to make fire
and invented the wheel.
dinosaurs chomp people.
your parents are people.
dinosaurs could have eaten your parents.
but your parents figured out how to use
the Nikon Coolpix and the flash
scared the dinosaur away.
thusly, you and the digital camera were born.
good thing it was easy to use.

needless to say, what i wrote was a lot different than what everyone else wrote. i cant say if that is a good thing or a bad thing. hey it's monday.

chomp, chomp!

October 8, 2004

it has to be done, they deserve a good pop in the face. all of them.

October 4, 2004

a change in the weather

since starting college, my faith has been kind of erratic. i have tried to keep the appearance of it always being strong. but after this weekend, i feel that i am on the way up again. and i have not felt this happy and secure in my faith since high school. it is a wonderful feeling.

September 14, 2004

*my homework situation*

i have so much to read, i do not like to read.

August 15, 2004

{orchestrated olympic orchestra}

so while watching the olympics, i figured out what helps make the olympics seem so is their crazy placing of faces in shadows along with some huge orchestra hall ensamble of musical clamorings. throw in the rings with an emotional story of each athlete and what they went through, and the olympics has you like a fish, not a smart fish, but a fish that gets caught.

so i think when i become all rich and famous after making my amzing blockbuster movie The Box and creating a new political party called The Awesome Party, i will hire my own personal large orchestra to follow me and compose music to match my every movement all Fantasia style. every morning i wake up it would be all Rocky boxer style, and then when i am out on a date all smooth seducing style. and of course when i want to be majestic like the olympics they throw in a lot of horns and some rings {see fig. 1} and boom.

Figure 1: Some Rings...

it will be just like the old cartoons, like Tom and Jerry. i could start running for no reason at all, and boom they would have the running music, and then my hallways would just keep repeating themselves and go on forever. and then i would have some soothing music for when it is time to go back to bed, only to start out the next day once again with eye of the tiger.

and just like a musical masterpiece i will end with...


July 23, 2004


May 28, 2004

{Inspiration Stikes: the bestest movie idea ever!}

my mind wanders...a lot. today i was thinking about making a movie, only this movie is only made in my head right now, waiting to be discovered by the masses. i see lots of money rolling in with this one. tons of merchandise and gold awards, and yeah. i will call this movie The Box.

{The Box}

imagine a indestuctible (sp?) box, let's say that it is blue. inside this box you can play any video game ever created, from pong to pokemon (or whatever the kids like these days), the only thing is this box moves around with the game.

like say you are playing NFL Blitz, you dive to make a catch, the box dives. that is why it is indestructible so that the person inside does not get hurt. You make a tackle in the video game, the box makes a tackle in real life.

if you are playing dance, dance revolution (DDR as the geeks, or i mean hip people call it), you dance the box dances.

Ok so you get the idea, so here is how the movie is made. the box is first invented and some video game freak teenager kid, let's have this role be played by David Mackereth (that will bring in the female audience), his job is to test the thing. he gets inside and cant see anything hppening in the outside world, but he starts playing the games, and just goes nuts with no breaks. well in the meantime the real world is facing the destruction of the box because it is going all over the place mimicking what is happening in the video game. they can't stop it because it is invincible.

so this kid finally stops playing these video games and gets out and finds the whole world just trashed, and...

hmm...i guess i have not come up with a movie script ending yet, but i drew a picture in paint to help illustrate the movie, a storyboard as it were.

you all can be in my movie if you want.

::THE END T.B.D.::