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October 10, 2008

The Earliest Questions

In early September before we began our work together as a research collaborative, I met with co-investigator Amy Sheldon to hear her questions about this approach to inquiry. These questions included:

* Can we critique this type of work?
* How is this work anchored in a structured approach?
* How does the 'old structure' interface with this 'new structure' to inquiry?
* What are examples of this type of work? What is involved in transitioning from an old structure of inquiry to a new one?
* Where can we go with embodied inquiry? What does it do for our scholarship?
* What do we need to do to make it legitimate and rigorous?
* What are the limitations to this approach?
* What is it that we are trying to understand as a result of embodied inquiry?

It will be interesting to determine what the answers are to these questions as we undertake our work over the academic year.