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The Meaning of Mind....

by Amy Sheldon

1. Note the modular and dualistic description of what we are doing, e.g. in section #1, "the brain (mind?) imagines aspects of the body". This claims a division of labor and one that is complementary. This is a fiction, isn't it? The brain sends and receives information from our sensing organs through pathways "in the body". The brain is a discrete organ, but is it not also IN the body and connected throughout the body? So note the conventional rhetoric of dualism.

2. "the cells' awareness of themselves"...'awareness'...??? awareness without intervention of a brain AND/OR a mind?

3. In section #3, I am intrigued by the claim, certainly true, that "meaning making happens so quickly", and that there is "prereflective experience", and that there can be a lag to "language the experience or make meaning from it". What if there is no lag...what if thinking, cognition, meaning making is being done simultaneously with input from sense experience? At any rate, that there is a "lag" seems to be a claim that we can not falsify. It is given in faith. Does it matter if sensing and perceiving (or cognitioning) is sequential or simultaneous?

I would guess that psychologists working on perception of sensory experience have talked about these issues before, i.e., the process of transformation of the input from sensory experience into cognition. A place to look might be the research on visual perception in infants and young kids.

(moderator's note - Amy initially wrote this entry as a response to Margie Fargnoli's description of the work we did at our first embodiment workshop. I have posted it as an independent entry to make it easier to find....)