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January "Deep Dive Into Embodiment" Workshop

We invited Dr. Gill Wright Miller, Chair and Professor, Denison University Dance Department and Body-Mind Centering expert, to conduct a 3 day intensive embodiment workshop based on developmental movement patterns and the connections between embodiment and scholarly practice. As a result of these 3 days, the group engaged in a dialogue in response to the following question:

What questions do you have as a result of your participation in this 3 day workshop?
* What is the difference between being and doing?
is it practical to imagine repatterning the bodymind? What does it take?
* What is the gap between language, sound and movement? How does this work? How does it connect to movement? What can we do?
* How do I get out of my own way with respect to my awareness?
* How does embodiment connect to "life" change and practices?
* How do I load scholarship and teaching with this work in a way that fits with my peers?
* How do we transform our methodologies to become more embodied so that scholarly praxis becomes more sensuous?

These questions suggest a fourfold trajectory of inquiry that includes:

* The role of embodiment in the production of language and the connection of movement to language
* The refinement and style of awareness required to feel proficient at embodied practice
* The personal and professional applications of embodiment practice
* The integration of embodied practice in scholarly inquiry

Perhaps these themes can inform future articles? We see how the questions that arise from intensive, structured engagement with embodiment begin to produce interesting questions and lines of inquiry for research.