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November Embodiment Workshop

The focus of the fall for the Embodied Methodologies Working Group is "Experience." This workshop focused on providing its participants with an understanding of what is meant by the concept of "experience" - something alluded to by John Dewey (the nature of experience); Husserl (lived experience); William James (direct experience or 'sciousness') among others, including significant, longstanding discourse in Buddhist philosophy.

This embodiment workshop involved an extended sitting meditation component, followed by the questions:

What is it like to sit and notice your embodied experience?

* This type of sitting creates a non-personal kind of experience, where I'm not there and yet I am "just paying attention" to what's happening in the body and mind.
* This posture for sitting meditation and the other 'bag of body tricks' (including breath and gut, relaxed diaphragm, eyes closed) facilitates easy 'noticing' of my experience.
meditative space as embodied experience
* you realize that you breathe in shifts; a sense of selflessness kicks in
*What does it mean to relax?

What happens when we notice our own experiencing body as scholars in the moment?
* I loved the contrast between the experience outside and inside - there is a different quality between out and in
there is a great sense of space (the outside sensibility).
* Getting to the outside from the inside is a very interesting shift and only requires a change in 'noticing' or direction of awareness
* Scholars are locked into maps and representations of our body - NOT OUR EXPERIENCE OF OUR BODY - for knowing. You can't get out of that - we are trained to create knowledge from this stance.