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On Language and Movement

This entry is written by Margaret Adamek following workshops and a seminar delivered by visiting scholar, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.

In Maxine's book, The Roots of Thinking, there is a chapter called "On the Origin of Language" - it gives a very good overview of what she thinks. She suggests that language co-arises with movement out of the tactile kinesthetic sphere. Her evolutionary take on the formation of words is quite interesting.

On BMC's/Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's take - There is a great chapter on language development in her book, "Sensing, Feeling and Acting," that describes how language and movement emerge together. It's quite interesting - brings in the notion of sound and planes that Gill did with us in January; discusses the anatomical role/"mind" of the physiology of language and sound production and associated BMC-style somatic experiments, and then some of her theory on language and movement. It's quite good.