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Our Questions from Don Johnson's visit

We hosted internationally renowned somatics philosopher, Don Hanlon Johnson, in the fall of 2008. Don offered public seminars, participated in faculty dialogues, led workshops for our Embodied Methodologies Working Group and joined us for dinner conversations. Several questions surfaced as a result of our time with Don, including:

* How do we get feedback from participants? What did they hear in Don's remarks?
* How do we engage this content in real work?
* Can we have more readings to better understand what we are doing?
* How do we structure research projects? Do we 'watch' people being embodied? How does it work? What is the role of the investigator?
* How do people study embodiment?
* What is the connection between self care of scholar/humans and embodied methodologies in research?
* How does the abstract/conceptual/theoretical around embodiment connect to the practical?
* What does it mean to say the body knows?
* What are "body-primary" professions? What are "non-body primary" professions?