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Reply to Craig on not moving

This entry is written by Amy Sheldon

I'm glad you said this, because it is so true. There is nuance here. Many of us love the FLOW state, when our bodies may be sedentary but we enjoy a feeling of creative movement, pleasurable focus, and being outside of tick-tock time. The downside of being sedentary is its incrementalism, accruing problems for our health over time, making it so the body doesn't work as well, or takes on problems, disabilities, and diseases as a direct result of us restricting our movements. It's the incremental toll of sedentariness in the scholar-teacher's day-by-day life style that is a serious problem, not only because it creates poor health, but also because over time, even though we do move in small ways, our body begins to become less feelable, and we become uncarbonated. Movement makes us carbonated.
Some people prefer the lack of restriction that comes from carbonation, others like stiller contents in our vessel. But as you say, there's no such thing as total non-movement, as long as we are alive. I note your words: "allow me", "better appreciate", "adjust", "let myself shift", "less restricted".