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Resources for Embodied Methodologies Trekkers

These are books that have been recommended by our scholar collaborator and Body-Mind Centering expert, Margie Fargnoli:
Embroyology (Netter)
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (Tortor, Anagnostakos)
The Molecular Biology of the Cell
Anatomy and Human Movement
Medical Embryology (Langman)
Ontogenetic Basis of Human Anatomy
What's Going On In There?
Proust and Neuroscience
Life (Lanhart Nilsson)
From Conception to Birth (Alexander Tasiarias)
A Guided Tour of the Living Cell (Scientific American series)
Sensitive Chaos (Schwartz)
Clinical Kinesiology (Lehmkuhl and Smith)
Neuroanatomy (Martin)
Principles of Neuroscience
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Jean Ayres)
Reflexive Learning and Behavior (Sally Goddard)
Joint Structure and Function: A Complex Analysis