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what does "not moving" mean?

Restricted, limited, cramped, small, curbed, restrained,
Asleep, deadened, out cold, under, knocked out
Ghost, spector, apparition,
Motionless, unmoving, at a stand still, at rest, at a halt, tranquil?, silent, quiet, stationary, stagnant, static, at rest, even, calm, relieve emotion, not carbonated, unemotional


I'm not sure I have experienced not moving, as even the sedentary ways of highly cognitive academic work allow me subtle forms of movement. When I was in my intracellular world I felt a stillness, but within a larger context of living flux and activity. What I am learning is to better appreciate and experience movement in every day life, even as I adjust my posture in my chair in front of this screen. I do admit to quite enjoying our studio movement sessions where I can let myself shift away from my forebrain and open more of myself to less restricted ways of moving.

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