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What we hope we learn....

We first met on September 11 and posed several important questions to frame up our process:

How do we document this?

* We have posed open-ended, phenomenologically oriented questions when we are together - e.g. "what is it like to...." "what does this mean?"
* We have taken notes to document our experiences, using the above questions as the prompt
* We have generated a process that asks each individual by turn to share their perspectives, and then we move into a more dialogic conversation. This way, we are sure to document the individual insights of the scholar collaborators, as well as the emergent shared meanings and questions

How do we position this work institutionally? Departmentally? Disciplinarily?
* We have built a strong relationship with the Institute for Advanced Study
* We are seeking additional internal resources to support further work
* We are adding to our group of investigators from other disciplines and other campuses
*We have developed a long-range strategy to position and elevate the work - institutionally, academically, and internationally

What shifts for each participant and the group as we go through this? Is there a transformational piece? If so, what is it like?
*We are seeing the trust of each participant in the embodied exploration component - we look forward to moving together; we honor the importance of each scholar collaborator's embodied experience, and understand that we need several hours together regularly to explore this.
*We are learning that embodied investigation not only contributes fresh perspectives conceptually and intellectually (e.g. a shift in understanding Husserlian definitions of 'being') as well as personally (what happens when we spend time in a state of 'being' rather than active thinking)