March 10, 2009

Exploring the Planes and Sound

In our January 'Deep Dive into Embodiment' 3 day workshop, we explored the three planes of movement - sagittal, vertical, and horizontal. We used sound forms - through recognizable words - that shaped the mouth to reflect the plane in which our entire body was to move. In other words, as the lips and mouth stretch wide to form certain sounds - this movement shape of the mouth reflected the movement of the body in the horizontal plane, and so on. This exploration of the interconnectedness of sound, movement and language with our experience of movement through space produced a series of interesting questions, which are listed in a separate entry under "Embodiment Workshops"....

The words we used were:
Sloppy Copy - vertical plane, up and down
Peach Tree - horizontal plane, side to side
Fool Proof - sagittal plane, forward and backward

Each mover has their own preference for a plane, one which feels more familiar when asked to move through space via a proscribed plane.

These planes or dimensions of space are connected to the physics of experience:

Sagittal - Time (from urgent to sustained)
Horizontal - Space (from direct to indirect)
Vertical - Weight (from strong/condensing to light/indulging)

This terminology is used in Laban Movement Analysis