February 29, 2008


I slept in, skipped all of my classes. Drove my friend home, and stopped for a salad at Panera. Then went home watched a movie, and took a cat nap. I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I was being a giant waste of space in this world that I live in. The day was beautiful, which it hasn't been in a while so I went for a nice long job. It was beautiful, through the sculpture gardens and around beautifully architecture. Some of the houses were gorgeous and it sped up the process of the boring job. I came back home bought a plane ticket, and a watch. Bummer, that I spent that amount of money in 10 minutes! It is weird to think that one can spend tens of thousands of dollars in one click online. I walked down the street to Dunn Bros and used their internet while sipping some caffeine.
plane ticket to spain-$1000

February 28, 2008

JULY in the SKYway

I went to work, but on my way realized I was rather hungry and stopped at Brugers for a bagel and coffee. At work there was some cheesecake that I ate for lunch. I got a lot accomplished at work. My internship is getting better for me know that I am actually doing real design work. I was getting quit bored for a while. I went to the computer lab in McNeal for a few hours to work on NSAC cover designs. Then I drove home and got the mail. In the mail today I was really excited because there was a card for me and a package as well. The package was from Hong Kong, and I don't know anybody who was there, so that was a little weird. Then when I opened it and it was a cheeseburger phone i freaked out and thought that it was a bomb! I had no idea who would have sent me a present like this. I looked everywhere for a note of some sort to tell me who it was from. The only evidence that I had was the package was addressed to Tera AKA T$ Madigan, so I knew that it had to have been from a friend. I started calling all my brothers and every friend that i could think of. Nobody had any idea who sent it. My mom freaked out even worse than I did, and made sure that I wouldn't plug it in, just in case it was some sort of horror film event actually happening to me. It was funny and creepy at the same time, but I still went out to JULY in the SKYway. I walked over to a friend's house and we took a cab to Keran's Irish Pub were we started the pub crawl. It was a chance for a bunch of SIN people to defeat the Minnesota cold by using the skyways to get to our destinations. It was a pretty spend-e night.

February 27, 2008

It is STILL not Anne's real birthday?

We woke up and hurried to The Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown for brunch. This is by far my favorite meal of the day. All too often never taken advantage of. Since it was Anne's "Birthday" her cousin Carla and I split the cost of her meal. It was an awesome deal to go and eat there. I am surprised that I had never eaten brunch there before. Anne got a DVD in the mail from her mom so we popped that in to waste away our day. My friend Caitlin was in town for the weekend from Madison for an OT convention, so I drove out to Bloomington to meet up with her and her mother. We had some drinks and searched for flights for our spain excursion that we are going to be taking this summer together. We had a meeting at the Kitty Cat Klub at 7 to try and brainstorm ideas for our senior Graphic Design show. Of course there was a happy hour special going on at the time, so I had a nice glass of wine and stole Anne's fries. After that, I really needed to buckle down and pump out some homework. Anne and I went to Wilde Roast in NE with her cousin. It closes early on Sunday, which was a definite downer, since we both still needed the internet. We drove to Dunn Bros down the street from us and sat in our car while stealing their internet. We went home and continued with the homework.
Dinner-free, Caitlin's mother bought it for us
Tuition Bill-$2,500

Anne's Birthday Celebration

I woke up early this morning to get my haircut before my NSAC meeting. On the way home from my appointment, I found out that the meeting wasn't until 1 instead of 11. Bummer, that means that I could have slept for a bit longer! For breakfast I whipped up some eggs and toast. Then I went to NSAC, where we worked on cover designs. Afterwards Anne and I decided that we NEEDED a fountain soda from McDonalds, but instead we decided to go to Whole Foods and get some groceries because we were going to have people over for Anne's Birthday party. Whole Foods is awesome, especially on the weekends, because they have so so so many samples throughout the store, I left not wanting to eat for days! We went home and finished cleaning out apartment and getting ready for the evening's festivities. We took cabs to and from the VFW located on lake and lyndale. It was a great evening.

Freaky Friday

While I was charging my camera batteries this morning, I was getting prepared to venture out into the cold. I was on a scavenger hunt to find all of the CEHD banners that are around campus (both East Bank and St. Paul). I took a little break in the the new Ed Sciences building in the Knoll area. It was great, and they had a nice new coffee shop in the basement there. Also, there was a nice terrace area that will have the greatest view from campus of downtown Minneapolis. Fo sho! I was cutting the time very close after work to get to my other job so I just went straight there, parked and ate dinner there. I got done with work around 1:00am and went down to the local watering hole with some co-workers fro a drink.
-Parking $12.00-rip off!

Tired Thursday

I had to wake up early to finish my papers, and then Anne and I carpooled, which is unusual for a Thursday. I ate an apple for breakfast, and some buttered popcorn jelly bellies for a snack. After class i went to the computer lab to use the Net and printer, and then I drove home to go for a run. It was a nice sunny day for a run. I had to be to work at 5:30, and I had a nice sandwich for dinner. I had to stay at work until about 1:30, when then I went to the local and had a few drinks, while I was working on some thumbnails for class.
Transportation-still had gas
food-I had everything for the entire day

I don't reall remember this day

I drove to work this morning. During work I was getting things organized for my supervisors for an awards show that is happening soon. After work, I drove to my freelance meeting on the West Bank of Campus. I found a good parking spot for free. After the meeting I drove home, and got ready for work. I talked my co-worker into letting me skip out early so I could go home and crank out some papers. I almost got them both completed before I passed out.
-transportation-nothing, still have gas
-dinner-had all the fixens
(good day for me and not spending cash!) O actually I take that back. As I was writing that sentence I remembered that I spent $3.75 on parking. Shoot!


I skipped class so that I could go and splurchase. Anne and I made a special trip to Rainbow foods to do this assignment, and then I continued driving on to class. While we were at Rainbow, I of course made two splurchases. I had toast and chi for breakfast before I left this morning. I brought some of my chicken pop pie leftovers in for lunch today while I spent the day in the computer lab doing homework. Now that I look back it what I got accomplished today, as far as schoolwork, I didn't do nearly enough. That is the way that it seems to work out ALWAYS! By the time I got home, I was starving, and I ate two salads, while watching an amazing documentary about the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I worked on my papers, kind of while watching these.
transportation-nothing, already had gas
Eating for the rest of the day-nothing, already had all the goods

Sick Day

I got sick in the middle of the night. I was awoken with the chills, and a sick stomach. I had to call in the work because I was not feeling well. Don't tell Anne, but I think that my body reacted poorly to either the shrimp or the amount of garlic that was in the dinner. It may have also been the fact that I really hurt my thumb the night prior while opening a bottle of wine and it was freaking me out a bit. I lied in bed all morning, because I felt weak. Anne came home from class and made me some toast. I got some groceries at Kowolski's. I did some homework, at Dunn Bro's and then I went to work. There was a lot of extra food from the private party that I worked, so I got to take home some left-overs. I did some more homework and then went to bed.
band-aids & Tylenol-already had them

Real Birthday

We all woke up, and I am sure that I was still feeling the effects from the previous night's adventure. Anne, Knorr, and myself drove Burton home to study, and then we proceeded onto the Uptown Bar for an amazing brunch that Knorr paid for. Then Burton, Anne, and I went snowboarding. We stopped of course a few different times throughout our day for some beer. Then Anne cooked some shrimp pasta. My friends David and Megan came over and brought a bag full of my favorite snacks.
Another Free day! AWESOME!!

February 25, 2008

The Usual

I had to get some things printed in the morning because I had a meeting with my freelance client. Then she called and we rescheduled the meeting, so dove right back into my bed. Then I went shopping downtown for hangers and just random odds and ends. Then I got ready for work. I went a little early to eat dinner because I was out of food. After work we got to hang out there and drink some drinks. A co-worker of mine drove me home, and I passed out.
printing-charged to their account

February 19, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

I woke up this morning after a very long night of work. Consumed some breakfast that Anne, Burton, and I made. The ingredients for this morning's omelets were a combined effort between Anne and myself. After breakfast, I drove to NSAC, and we met there all afternoon. I drove home at about 5, when two of my friends called to ask if they could make a delivery at my apartment. While I anxiously awaited their arrival I cleaned, just incase we were having people over soon. My delivery was a bunch of flowers, a birthday card, and a hammer. We gave our buds a tour of our newly redone apartment, and played on the indo-board before showering and getting ready to go out for the night. Anne drove Whit and I over to the boy's house where there we ate choco covered strawberries (my fave birthday cake) and drank champagne. She drove all of us to Town Talk Diner, where we split cheese curds, frickles, and I had a kitchen sink burger. I drank a few beers, one of which was 40 oz bottle of Miller Highlife that was served in a wine chiller with champagne flutes. So cute. For dessert we split a piece of delicious fudge. After that we went to the CC club, and then to the Red Dragon where my day continued to be free! Awesome!

Total $ Free (my birthday)

February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Today was the first Valentine's Day since the sixth grade that I haven't had a Valentine...which was awesome! There was no stress about finding a the "perfect" gift, and best of all, I didn't have to spend any green! I rode the bus to class this morning. I found some mints that I stole of a restaurant in my bag, so I snacked on those during class, and also an apple. Class was extra boring this morning so I read the Daily. During Seminar, I had a brownie that our class baker brought in for us. I got a Valentine's card from the prof. as part of our next project. I had to be to work by 5, and I was there for a good portion of the night. The 76 year old host that we have working at Brit's, Freddie took me down to the Local after work for a few drinks. By the time I got home I was exhausted and just passed out!
Transportation: nothing
apple-brought it from home

February 13, 2008

Long Tuesday

I hopped the bus to class this morning, and arrived earlier than usual. I grabbed a Daily and read it over quickly before class. Then I took the Connector to St. Paul. Bought some chips, that were not as good as I though they would be, and I will neve buy them again. After class, I played around at the rec. Once I was all tired out, I came back to McNeal and worked on stuff in the computer lab, then got dinner at Subway. I am trying to cut down on cafine, so by this time I had a gargancious headache. I left my night class early because it was just work time, and I needed to get groceries instead before my NSAC meeting. When we finally arrived home it was around 10. Anne decided to make popcorn, and we watched a movie before all passing out.
Popcorn and movie-$free

February 11, 2008

Will it ever warm up?

I drove to work, and paid for parking because it was so cold. Then I had to also go to Lori's because I needed something to warm up my insides. For lunch I got a panini from the Gopher Spot, and drank some water. After work I drove home and warmed up my last two pieces of pizza, while doing a little reading. I walked to my other job. It was a very boring night, and would have rather being doing so many different things. I caught up on my city reading, however. Everybody at work was craving fried rice, so I told them that if I could be done I would walk and pick up food for them. It worked like a charm. I walked to the King and I, got their order and walked a huge box of food back to work. Then I got to eat a few things for free too! I realized that I was just hanging out because I was putting off doing my homework. When I walked home Anne was gone, so I got a lot of stuff done, but as soon as she arrived home, we chatted, did yoga, and then eventually got back to homework.
Chi Tea-$2.50
Dinner-$free already had it or i got it for free.