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Another Long Day At The Office

This morning I had to wake up earlier than my usual Friday morning rise-n-shine, which resulted in making myself a double-shot of espresso. I use illy espresso, and my handy-dandy Italian style, stove-top espresso maker. I am still trying to acquire the taste, so I needed to add a little Sugar in the RAW to it. I drove my planet polluter to work in St Paul, because I have to leave right away to make it to my other job on time. Before I arrived to the office, I needed to go up to the third floor and print off my internship papers, and then consumed my supervisor's signature, as well as my advisor's. While in the main office for all of the advisers, I grabbed a well designed postcard to add to my good design drawer, back at my apartment. For lunch I brought a can of Diet Coke with Lime, and I stole some of Anne's pasta that she made. Shhh...don't tell! I really would like a candy bar, but I don't have any small bills to feed the vending machines. I'll take that as an omen. While I am creating Web Photo Galleries at work, I have a bit of time to do some reading for my Mass Media and US Society course.
Thus far...
espresso + sugar: already had both ($ nothing)
gas: almost empty
printing: $0.30
postcard: free
lunch: brought from home ($ nothing)
reading: printed for free in the office

After my internship, I drove home and ate some mashed potatoes with cheese. I wasn't really that hungry, but I knew that I could be in for a long night at work. I had to be at my other job by 3:30 to start setting up. Since the weather was warmer than it had been, work was really busy. Which was awesome! Throughout the course of the evening, I think that I had consumed a total of five fries, and a ton of diet coke, and some good old fashioned Minne. city water! Umm-umm! I finished work at about 1:15, and went with some co-workers to our favorite Irish Pub, where I was able to unwind from the hustle and bustle at work. I usually walk home, but I didn't feel safe tonight with so much cash, so i took a taxi. When I arrived home I had a piece of toast to hold me over until breakfast.
cheese and potatoes: already had them ($ nothing)
fries and coke: $ free
The Local Irish Pub: $15
Taxi: $5
toast: already had it ($ nothing)