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Week 1

This was my first week starting my internship for the CEHD as a Design Production Assistant. What that actually means, I have now idea, but I hope to find out shortly. My first day, I talked with my supervisors, Nance, and Rebecca, about what they are expecting out of me, hours, and pay rate. After that we had to file some paperwork, and then begin my first task. Since the department is going through some changes right now, my computer station was not quite set up. Instead they had me go through all of the paper samples that they had collected over the years and organize them. I of course was able to keep the duplicates. It was very interesting to see all of the different options of paper that, I, as a designer have.

The next day this week that I came into work, I continued with the paper organizing, and I also filed past and present projects, that my supervisors had done. This way, I became more familiar with the type of designs that my supervisors had accomplished.