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Week 3

We were all finally sick and tired of waiting for IT to come and give me my new computer for my work, station, so we just decided to do it ourselves. Then I needed to make Web Photo Galleries for numerous amounts of CDs, and DVDs that they need to have organized. I had now idea how to do this in PhotoShop, or any other computer program for that matter, so that entailed a bit of research. I found a great tutorial from adobe, and learned how to create WPGs using Bridge and PhotoShop. I had never even opened Bridge before, and now I found some great uses for my own sake. I also taught my supervisors a new way to create WPGs because they had never done it using Bridge before either, and it cut the creation process down significantly. After completing the first stack of discs I thought that I would be able to go onto the next task, but then they showed me all of the discs that need to have galleries created, and I realized that this might be a few week long task. Since my supervisors are gone for most of today, I get to use their brand new macs with 30" monitors...awesome! And it creates the galleries in about 1/4 the time. I hope that the new computer at my work station is half as great as theirs!