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Birthday Celebration!

I woke up this morning after a very long night of work. Consumed some breakfast that Anne, Burton, and I made. The ingredients for this morning's omelets were a combined effort between Anne and myself. After breakfast, I drove to NSAC, and we met there all afternoon. I drove home at about 5, when two of my friends called to ask if they could make a delivery at my apartment. While I anxiously awaited their arrival I cleaned, just incase we were having people over soon. My delivery was a bunch of flowers, a birthday card, and a hammer. We gave our buds a tour of our newly redone apartment, and played on the indo-board before showering and getting ready to go out for the night. Anne drove Whit and I over to the boy's house where there we ate choco covered strawberries (my fave birthday cake) and drank champagne. She drove all of us to Town Talk Diner, where we split cheese curds, frickles, and I had a kitchen sink burger. I drank a few beers, one of which was 40 oz bottle of Miller Highlife that was served in a wine chiller with champagne flutes. So cute. For dessert we split a piece of delicious fudge. After that we went to the CC club, and then to the Red Dragon where my day continued to be free! Awesome!

Total $ Free (my birthday)