February 11, 2008

Will it ever warm up?

I drove to work, and paid for parking because it was so cold. Then I had to also go to Lori's because I needed something to warm up my insides. For lunch I got a panini from the Gopher Spot, and drank some water. After work I drove home and warmed up my last two pieces of pizza, while doing a little reading. I walked to my other job. It was a very boring night, and would have rather being doing so many different things. I caught up on my city reading, however. Everybody at work was craving fried rice, so I told them that if I could be done I would walk and pick up food for them. It worked like a charm. I walked to the King and I, got their order and walked a huge box of food back to work. Then I got to eat a few things for free too! I realized that I was just hanging out because I was putting off doing my homework. When I walked home Anne was gone, so I got a lot of stuff done, but as soon as she arrived home, we chatted, did yoga, and then eventually got back to homework.
Chi Tea-$2.50
Dinner-$free already had it or i got it for free.