February 2, 2008

A Ticket?

I drove my car to St Paul to use the computer lab, because I had a meeting with a lady that I do some design work for on the side. I used the printing facilities in the St Paul Student Center, then I drove the West Bank Campus where my meeting was. I parked in free 2 hour parking near Augsburg College. When I got back to my car, under two hours, I was shocked to see that I had a ticket on my windshield. At first I was pissed, because I knew for sure that I was there less than 2 hours. Then I looked at the ticket and realized that my tabs had expired months ago. Bummer! I thought for sure my sticker must have fallen off due to the cold weather, but when I called my secretary, my mom, and asked her about it she realized that she had accidentally renewed my old car, which is now my bro's car and not my car. Shoot! It still makes me made that I didn't catch that before. I drove home, and then went work. I at for free at work, because I was working a private event, and they always over order the food, so I get excited to eat the left-overs. After work I went out with some friends, and had a few drinks. I took a cab home with a friend after the evening was over.
Transportation: $free, I had gas, and didn't have to pay for the cab
Food: $free
Ticket: $105
Today was also rent due date: $525, cost went way up because we only have two ppl instead of three living there.