February 27, 2008

Anne's Birthday Celebration

I woke up early this morning to get my haircut before my NSAC meeting. On the way home from my appointment, I found out that the meeting wasn't until 1 instead of 11. Bummer, that means that I could have slept for a bit longer! For breakfast I whipped up some eggs and toast. Then I went to NSAC, where we worked on cover designs. Afterwards Anne and I decided that we NEEDED a fountain soda from McDonalds, but instead we decided to go to Whole Foods and get some groceries because we were going to have people over for Anne's Birthday party. Whole Foods is awesome, especially on the weekends, because they have so so so many samples throughout the store, I left not wanting to eat for days! We went home and finished cleaning out apartment and getting ready for the evening's festivities. We took cabs to and from the VFW located on lake and lyndale. It was a great evening.