February 28, 2008

JULY in the SKYway

I went to work, but on my way realized I was rather hungry and stopped at Brugers for a bagel and coffee. At work there was some cheesecake that I ate for lunch. I got a lot accomplished at work. My internship is getting better for me know that I am actually doing real design work. I was getting quit bored for a while. I went to the computer lab in McNeal for a few hours to work on NSAC cover designs. Then I drove home and got the mail. In the mail today I was really excited because there was a card for me and a package as well. The package was from Hong Kong, and I don't know anybody who was there, so that was a little weird. Then when I opened it and it was a cheeseburger phone i freaked out and thought that it was a bomb! I had no idea who would have sent me a present like this. I looked everywhere for a note of some sort to tell me who it was from. The only evidence that I had was the package was addressed to Tera AKA T$ Madigan, so I knew that it had to have been from a friend. I started calling all my brothers and every friend that i could think of. Nobody had any idea who sent it. My mom freaked out even worse than I did, and made sure that I wouldn't plug it in, just in case it was some sort of horror film event actually happening to me. It was funny and creepy at the same time, but I still went out to JULY in the SKYway. I walked over to a friend's house and we took a cab to Keran's Irish Pub were we started the pub crawl. It was a chance for a bunch of SIN people to defeat the Minnesota cold by using the skyways to get to our destinations. It was a pretty spend-e night.