February 5, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

I woke up to Anne and some friends requesting that I make omelette's. Of course I did, but they had to prep everything for me first. After breakfast I drove my friend home and then went to a coffee shop to read. I remembered that since our roommate moved out, she took her hair-dryer too! I need to leave ASAP to go home and shower and have my hair dry by the time that I went to work. That is when I knew that for the first time in my life I was going to have to buy a hair-dryer. It only has taken me about 23 years to realize! I only had to work for a short period because, I was scheduled as a food-runner and it was not very busy, because nobody likes to watch American Football at a British Pub. After work I had dinner at work, and then walked to a bar to watch the rest of the game and play darts with some friends. We went to Eli's so some people could eat, and then I walked home and crashed.
breakfast: $nothing, we had all the ingredients
driving: $nothing, still have a little gas left
coffee: $3.00
Super Bowl pool: $5.00, but I wont $25...I guess I only won $20
food: $free
drinks: $15
transportation: $free, walking