February 5, 2008

I hate Mondays

I drove to work, and then I had to pay for parking, because I am too nervous to leave my car parked on the street with expired tabs. And, yes, I know that it is illegal to drive my car until my tab are renewed. At work today, somebody baked awesome chocolate chip cookies (i had 2). They were just so delicious, I couldn't help myself. I drove home, made some dinner and then walked to work. I drank some tea while I was at work and did some reading until we got busy. then as soon as the dinner rush was over I got to leave, walk home, and then drive to my NSAC meeting. I parked for free, since I didn't feel like paying for parking again, and I didn't think that he parking police were going to be there withing the next two hours to give me a ticket. During the meeting we used the computers in McNeal, and I bought a soda. I drove to a friend's house after work, and ate some pretzels and had a glass of wine. Then I drove home, did some ab work-outs with Anne, ate ice cream, and did some reading.
Transportation: $nothing, still have barely some gas left
parking: $4
cookies: $free
tea: $free
soda: $1.25
snack and wine: $free
actives at home: $nothing