February 5, 2008

Target Run!

Since Senior Seminar was canceled, I didn't feel that I should go to my morning class either. Instead, I took the bus downtown to the bank, Target, and back home. I had some granola and yogurt when I got back. Then gathered my supplies and took the bus to a coffee shop near campus to get some things done before my NSAC meeting. I went to my meeting and had diet coke with lime, and some pita chips that I brought from home. Anne and I needed to leave the meeting early to take the campus connector to st paul for our portfolio class. After class I went home did my laundry and made a salad. A friend came over with her dog and we watched tv, listened to music and drank some wine. After Carla left I tried to do some reading before I went to bed.
Transportation: $free, bus pass
Bank: $Deposit
Target: $50
Granola and yogurt: $nothing, I already had it
Coffe: $3.00
snack: $nothing, brought from home
transportation: $free, campus bus, and anne drove
dinner: $nothing, i had all the fixings
laundry: $4.00-2 loads washed and dried
wine: $nothing, already had a bottle.