February 7, 2008

A Usual Wed

I woke up, used some water while I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then I drove to work, and had to pay for parking again, because I am still waiting on my renewed tabs. I stopped in at Lori's because I was a little early for work and got a Chi Tea. My bosses weren't at work but they let me use their workstations, which are way sweeter than my work station. I was bored without anybody at work with me, so I walked around more than usual, and took a lunch break which I usually don't do. I went to the vending room for lunch (what a waste). I drove home, and had to stop and fill up the beast with gas. I also realized that soon I need to get my oil changed. When I got home I worked on a little bit of homework, and had a grilled mozzarella and avocado sandwich before I left for work again. After work I had a glass of wine, that a co-worker bought for me because I did such a fantastic job. Then I went home and did more homework before I passed out
Parking: $3.75
Tea: $2.50
Lunch: $2.75
Gas: $48.96
Dinner: $nothing, already had the fixings
Wine: $free