January 25, 2008

Best Roommate Ever!

I took the bus to my first class this morning from my Loring Park Apartment. I guess my buyer's remorse is wearing off a bit from that purchase a few days ago. Another way to look at it is, I am thinking green. Every small effort counts in saving our planet. After my first class I went to the St Paul Gym to test out my newly re-newed locker, and yet again buyer's remorse wearing thin. Just a side note, I think that the person helping me out yesterday with the locker rental kept my U-card because now I can't find it, and I don't think that I would have lost it. I mean...I have gone 4.5 years with the same card. Oh the devastation! After Seminar I took the metro back to my apartment, where I had lunch that I was able to create out of some groceries. Then Anne came home and we made hot chocolate with whip cream, and I added a little Baily's. Later in the evening my roommate and I made a trip to Trader Joe's to purchase a small amount of groceries, but most importantly for the 2 Buck Chuck, which in MN is really 3 Buck Chuck. Best wine I know at the cheapest price! When we got home, since I am an awesome roommate, I made home-made potato skins, with cheese, broccoli, and sour cream. If only my roommate wasn't a vegetarian, I could have put on some bacon. Oh well. Then I made out kitchen look squeaky clean. All and all it was a pretty successful day!
bus-free, now that I already bought my pass
locker-free, now that I already paid my rental fee, but it may cost me $20 to buy a new U card that the worker kept of mine!
lunch-lime chips, cheese, avocado (already had the ingredients)
Hot Choco Break-(already had all the ingredients
Trip to Trader Joe's-gas (I do drive a planet polluter, but that fill-up will be another day), $5.86 food, $9.80 for 3 bottles of Charles Shaw vino